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New Years 2024

Turning the Page: Til Valhalla Project's 2023 Highlights and New Year's Reflections

As the pages of 2023 are carefully closed, the Til Valhalla Project team takes a moment to reflect on a year marked by significant achievements and heartfelt commitments. With 2024 now before us, we are reminded that each New Year is not just a continuation but a reaffirmation of our dedication to Honoring the past, celebrating the present, and forging a path of hope for the future.

A Year of Impact and Commemoration  

New Year blog 1
Upper Left: Legacy Guardians build memorial plaques for the families of the Fallen. Lower Left: Founder, Korey Shaffer, at the Navel Exchange displaying T.V.P. merch. Right: Til Valhalla Project sponsored NASCAR. 

This year has been extraordinary in the scope of our impact. Through the tireless work of our Legacy Guardians, we've delivered over 800 memorial plaques to families, each an emblem of respect and remembrance for our Fallen Heroes. Our presence expanded into NEX stores, bringing our mission to a wider audience, and we felt the adrenaline rush as we sponsored a NASCAR in the INDY series, racing for awareness and tribute.

Innovations and Milestones  

New Year 2
Upper Left: T.V.P. founder, Korey Shaffer, with merchandise at Harley Davidson. Lower Left: Limited edition challenge coin. Right: New T.V.P. App.

2023 also saw the introduction of a new challenge coin, expanding our tradition of Honoring service and brotherhood. We broadened our horizons with a large array of new products, each with the commitment to quality and significance you've come to expect from us.

Technology Meets Tradition  

In our quest to blend tradition with modern engagement, we launched the new TVP app, making our stories of valor and merchandise more accessible than ever. Our brand's reach found a new home in the Adamec Harley Davidson store, where the spirit of freedom and bravery rides on.

A Commitment to Saving Lives  

New Year 3
One of Til Valhalla Project's donations to Stop Soldier Suicide in 2023. 

Perhaps one of our most profound contributions this year was the $118,600 donation towards Stop Soldier Suicide. This initiative is at the heart of our fight against veteran suicide, a fight that we wage with every resource at our disposal. Our donation, thanks to you, provided 1,750 hours of free, confidential, personalized, suicide-specific care to veterans and service members. Your support has saved lives!

A New Chapter in the Til Valhalla Family  

Cayden Shaffer
Til Valhalla Project founders, Korey and Tiffany Shaffer, welcomed their son Cayden, on November 29th, 2023.

This year's special milestone included welcoming a new addition to our family. Founders Korey and Tiffany Shaffer celebrated the birth of their son, Cayden, marking the beginning of a new generation for the Til Valhalla family. We look forward to the future that lies ahead for this young life, as we continue to guard the legacies of those who have gone before us.

Forward Into 2024: Our Unyielding Mission  

As we move forward into 2024, the Til Valhalla Project remains unwavering in its mission to Honor Fallen Heroes through handcrafted plaques, new initiatives, and partnerships, fueled by your support and stories. We invite you to deepen your involvement in our community's mission, whether through purchases, volunteering, or storytelling, as we continue to Honor and remember.

With heartfelt gratitude, we step into the New Year eager for the opportunities that await, and we thank you for your continued commitment. Join us in embracing 2024 with a shared dedication to Honoring our Heroes and keeping their legacies alive. Visit our website to see how you can be part of our journey of hope, Honor, and remembrance.