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Racing For Heroes: Til Valhalla Project Tribute Nascar Takes Its First Lap

Racing For Heroes: Til Valhalla Project Tribute Nascar Takes Its First Lap

Whispering Gratitude

Through the thunderous noise of NASCAR, we whispered a powerful 'thank you' to our brave Heroes. Against the thrilling speed, we held a steady salute to remind everyone – that no Hero is forgotten and no sacrifice goes unnoticed. With the strong smell of car smoke and the American flag waving high, we thought about our lost friends. We felt hope that we could stop other families from feeling this same sadness. We stood there, ready for a big NASCAR race, and remembered why we were there. 

 The big reveal. A moment that took our breath away. 

Honoring Our Fallen Heroes

We never thought we would be here today, sponsoring a NASCAR for our Fallen Heroes and the amazing supporters who got us here. Being part of a mission that benefits not just a few but many is already fulfilling. But what if that mission resonates throughout the nation, hitting the millions of hearts of patriotic Americans?

What if even the driver, who may battle his own demons, is inspired that the very car he drives is helping others who feel just like him. 

That's what happened when we sponsored our very first T.V.P. NASCAR. The feeling was surreal and inspiring. The journey was full of challenges and tears, but it was all worth it.  

Sage Karam and Korey Shaffer

NASCAR Driver Sage Karam pictured left beside Til Valhalla Project Founder, Korey Shaffer

 Racing for Awareness

Starting anything is always difficult, especially when unsure of the outcome. But for us, we knew that this mission was worth it. We envisioned raising awareness of our Fallen Heroes and creating more plaques for their families. And we didn't just imagine; we made it happen. Seeing our NASCAR circle the track at 150+ M.P.H was a dream come true. But it wasn't just a spectacle for us, but a way of saying we will never forget their sacrifices.

The National Anthem played, and we stood beside our NASCAR, tears swelling, a solemn moment. And as our driver took over, lap after lap, we couldn't be prouder.

Track Car

Number 45 T.V.P. Xfinity car driven by Sage Karam

A Mission Fullfilled

Our mission was to bring Honor to our Heroes, and our NASCAR journey did just that. And as we saw the success of our mission, all we could think about was if they were proud.

The next sponsored T.V.P. cars will carry messages about our Fallen Heroes, PTSD Awareness, Suicide Prevention, Mental Health, and more. We are so excited to see these powerful cars zoom around the track. That day, our car was the one that focused most on Honoring lost Heroes and important missions, and our purpose felt more apparent than ever.

Were our supporters proud? The brothers we lost? The guys we served with? The dad or mom we lost to cancer? The people watching? Our staff at T.V.P.? And you, our intended audience? We hope you are all proud because we are! We created something out of nothing, and that something resonated throughout the nation.

Til Valhalla Group

Just a few out of the team of Til Valhalla Project

Striving for a Better Future

Our NASCAR journey taught us many things. It taught us that starting anything is challenging but never impossible. It taught us to dream big and to make those dreams a reality. It taught us that Honoring our Heroes is not a choice but a responsibility. And it taught us that we are not alone in this mission. We hope our story has inspired you to create something that matters, to Honor the Fallen Heroes, and to make a difference in this world. Let's all be proud of what we have accomplished and continue striving for a better future. We will never forget our Heroes.