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Standing Strong Together: We Donate Another $70,000 to Stop Soldier Suicide

A Proactive Approach to Helping Veterans

Stop Soldier Suicide, a veteran-founded-and-led organization, is dedicated to ensuring veterans are at no higher risk of suicide than the average person. The mission is to reduce service member and veteran suicides through data-driven strategies, targeted outreach, and specialized intervention services. 

SSS takes a proactive stance to combat veteran suicide by reaching out to at-risk individuals, providing personalized care, and maintaining continuous case management. A wellness coordinator is allocated to each person seeking help, guaranteeing the aid given is tailored to specific needs, from mental health to housing assistance. 

Driven by unwavering dedication, Stop Soldier Suicide employs innovative strategies and state-of-the-art technologies to expand its reach. The impact in 2022 has been noteworthy, providing over 1,400 service members and veterans with over 17,500 hours of care. Their efforts resulted in a considerable decrease in psychological distress and self-hate among clients, showing their work goes beyond a mission; it's a personal commitment to shift the perception around veteran suicide. 

They prove that it's not just about stating the goal of reducing veteran suicide, but showing tangible results. We can track where our contributions are going and even engage in case studies to devise long-lasting solutions. It's one thing to say you reduce veteran suicide, but it’s another to PROVE it!  

That’s why we recently donated another $70,000 to Stop Soldier Suicide. 

Our mutual aim is to ensure veterans are no more at risk of suicide than the average person. Considering recent successes, we’re making good progress!

Stop Soldier Suicide Logo

Building Strong Communities: The Power of Messages

Our clothing line and messaging are integral to preventing veteran suicide and promoting mental health wellness. We, at T.V.P., encourage everyone to support their close ones, thereby fostering resilient communities and improving mental health. Everyone has a part to play in suicide prevention and we are devoted to making a positive community impact.

Our donation to Stop Soldier Suicide represents a substantial step towards this cause and we couldn't be prouder. Your unwavering support has been crucial in this journey. Take this achievement as your own, because without your support, none of this would have been possible.

This is a small victory, but the fight against veteran suicide is still very real. We encourage you to check in on your loved ones as we recognize that our mission, although essential, forms only part of the solution. Your personal connections may convince those who refuse to seek help. Our mission is just beginning, and we are thrilled to share these milestones with you!