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Legacy Guardian

Silent Heroes: Legacy Guardians Honor the Brave

Carrying Forward the Legacy of Fallen Heroes

At T.V.P., our heartfelt mission is simple: never forget any Hero. Remember those memorial plaques our founder Korey began crafting in his dad's garage to Honor fellow Marines lost to suicide? Today, over 2,500 families have memorial plaques in their homes as symbols of remembrance - and Legacy Guardians have played a crucial role in making that happen. #LegacyGuardian’s mission is to guard the legacy of our Fallen Heroes, ensuring they are never forgotten.

LG Birthday Bash AerialT.V.P.'s 5th anniversary, featuring our team members and a few Legacy Guardians building memorial plaques.

What is a #Legacy Guardian?

Simply put, a Legacy Guardian (LG for short) is one of the strongest supporters of our mission to save Veteran lives and Honor Fallen Heroes. While every single T.V.P. supporter is crucial to our impact, Legacy Guardians are the hands that carry the torch of Honor forward. They play a unique role in delivering memorial plaques properly, to leave a lasting impact on the families. It is a way of letting these families know: We will never forget your Hero. Without the LG’s, our mission to pay tribute as a surprise to the families wouldn’t be possible.

Legacy Guardian

T.V.P. Legacy Guardian's delivering memorial plaques to the families of the Fallen.

A Crucial Role

The purpose of crafting memorial plaques is to give the families of our Fallen a tangible reminder that we will never forget their Hero’s service and sacrifice. These hand crafted memorials are built and etched with love, respect, and gratitude by the veterans at Til Valhall Project. Getting each plaque home is both an essential part of our mission and a monumental task.

Of the 2,500+ memorial plaques your support has allowed us to deliver across the country, most were hand-carried to families by an #LG. Above all, every delivery carries a silent, powerful promise: 

“We will always remember and Honor your Hero.”

Joining Hands for a Greater Mission 

Each plaque delivery is done anonymously, yet it carries deep emotional rewards. Here's how it works: Wearing their #LegacyGuardian shirt, an #LG carefully takes the plaque package to the chosen home. They place it gently on the doorstep, give a heartfelt salute, and then step away.

Delivering a Hero’s plaque forges a unique bond between the #LG and the Hero that’s unlike any other. We’re grateful that so many #LGs are eager to share their firsthand account of these emotional deliveries with us, so we can proudly share them with you.

These shared experiences not only memorialize our Heroes but also inspire others to become part of this beautiful cause.

Legacy Guardian KeyChainWhy become a #LegacyGuardian?  

Legacy Guardians are so crucial to our mission that giving them access to exclusive gear is the least we can do to begin thanking them for their support.

When you become an #LG, you get:

  • A FREE #LegacyGuardian tee (not sold in our store & available to #LGs only)

  • Exclusive offers & gifts

  • The confidence of knowing your support helps save lives & Honor Heroes

But here’s the most important perk of being an #LG: You get the privilege of getting a Fallen Hero home by anonymously delivering a memorial plaque to their family. Only Legacy Guardians have the opportunity to volunteer for this rare and prestigious Honor.

How do you become a #LegacyGuardian?  

Ready to join the ranks? It’s easy!

  1. Become an #LG simply by filling your cart with gear with impactful gear and spending a minimum of $100.

  2. Keep an eye on your email! We'll send you instructions on how to claim your exclusive #LG tee.

  3. Stay tuned for exclusive LG-only offers.

  4. And if you're feeling that tug at your heart, consider volunteering to deliver a plaque! Sign up here.

This isn't just a mission; it's a movement. And with our Legacy Guardians leading the way, we're ensuring that every Hero's story is told, Honored, and remembered. Join us and become a part of this heartfelt journey.

Betsy Ross

Betsy Ross


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