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10,000+ Hours of Therapy $1,372,549 Donated 3,050 Memorials Delivered
Harley Davidson T.V.P. In Stores

Exciting News: Adamec Harley Davidson™ Now Retails T.V.P. Gear!

I can't believe we're finally getting into these establishments I have always admired as a kid. - Korey Shaffer, Founder, T.V.P.

As T.V.P. expands its horizons, we've been on the hunt for wholesalers who resonate with our values and can uphold the integrity of our brand. Finding brands with a similar mission-focus is no easy feat. Our excitement soared when we received a wholesale order from our local Adamec Harley Davidson; we nearly jumped for joy! This collaboration felt just right, knowing that many of Harley’s patrons and enthusiasts align with our mission and frequently volunteer to deliver memorials.

What Makes This Epic?

Harley Davidson T.V.P. hat
This is about more than just incredible style—it's a partnership with purpose. Every purchase contributes directly to our mission: gifting FREE memorial plaques for the families of Fallen Heroes and raising awareness about veteran suicide.  

This is For All of Us!

Harley Davidson Mens tshirt

Why is this significant? Because Heroes are diverse and come in all difference sizes, and advancing our mission is impossible without backing from entities MUCH larger than ourselves. Whether you're a veteran, active-duty, a first responder, or just an everyday Hero supporter, our presence in Harley Davidson stores allows us to collectively express our gratitude. It's a way for all of us to say "Thank you." It's more than a purchase; it's a commitment to stand alongside our Heroes.

Where You Can Find Us

Starting with a presence in one store is just a glimpse of the endless possibilities for our brand and mission! To grab your T.V.P. gear locally and join us in this exciting journey, swing by Retail Adamec Harley-Davidson at 118 St George St, St. Augustine, FL 32084. Here's to bigger beginnings and spreading the mission far and wide!

You are the ones to thank!

Who do we have to thank? YOU! Without your support, none of this remarkable journey would have been possible. We, at Til Valhalla Project, are both humbled and overjoyed by the expansion and bonds we are forming. From a small garage to making waves and positive impact in the community, from the bottom of our hearts we Thank You.  You are a part of our mission to Honor fallen Heroes nationwide.