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    Each Hero pictured is someone the Til Valhalla Project has made a hand-crafted Memorial Plaque for or helped their families at no cost to them. 

    We cannot Thank You enough for taking the time to look at the Fallen Heroes on this wall. If you viewed these Heroes with pride and honor, then you are what is right with America. These men and women have paid the ultimate price for our country, and every day we hear that their families are in constant fear because they believe that their Fallen Hero may be forgotten one day.

    As long as Til Valhalla Project exists and continues to be supported by patriots like you, then these fallen heroes will always live on, which is a gift that no money can by for these families.

    Once again Thank You so much for your time, and thank you for knowing what it means to have honor.

    If you are Interested in learning more about Til Valhalla Project and how it was born, then click the button below to go to our "about us" page where you can see a FOX NEWS interview that covers the impact we have been making all around the US.