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The Ultimate Tribute: Til Valhalla Project’s Elite Member Giveaway of the Battlefield Cross Statue

The Ultimate Tribute: Til Valhalla Project’s Elite Member Giveaway of the Battlefield Cross Statue

To feel the 21-gun salute and hear the final roll call answered only with silence when they yell for the Hero’s name—just thinking about it brings a heaviness to my heart and tears to my eyes.- Korey Shaffer, Founder T.V.P.

A Symbol That Stirs the Soul

The Battlefield Cross—a rifle standing with its bayonet stuck into the ground, a pair of boots beside it, and a helmet resting on the rifle—is more than just an arrangement of military gear. It is a symbol that touches the very depths of the human soul, capturing the essence of sacrifice, valor, and the gut-wrenching loss that comes with the price of freedom. We're giving away this significant symbol as a statue to one lucky T.V.P. Elite Member, and we invite you to become part of this sacred tradition.

The Emotional Weight of the Battlefield Cross

Until you’re staring at a Battlefield Cross that stands in the place of someone you once knew, you likely won’t feel the true weight of this symbol. When they do a 21-gun salute and call out the name of a Hero who isn't here anymore, and no one answers, it makes us all feel really sad but also thankful. It's like a heavy feeling in our hearts, and it reminds us why it's important to remember and Honor people who have done brave things. But the Battlefield Cross isn't just a representation of loss; it's also a tribute to the incredible sacrifices made for our freedom. 

A Brief History of the Battlefield Cross

War Helmet

The Battlefield Cross originated in the Civil War as a way to mark where soldiers had fallen for later burial. It has since evolved into a memorial honoring those who have died in service. Each element—the downward-pointing rifle, boots, helmet, and dog tags—symbolizes aspects of the soldier's sacrifice, such as a time for prayer, final march, and enduring identity.

This Month's Giveaway: Your Chance to Own a Battlefield Cross Statue

Battlefield Cross Statue

This month, we're taking our commitment to the next level. We want one of our T.V.P. Elite Members to own a Battlefield Cross statue—a tribute to lives given, brothers and sisters lost. The statue serves as the most meaningful emblem for those who empathize with the Fallen, and we are excited to give it away to someone who cherishes it as much as we do.

How to Participate

To enter this exclusive giveaway, you'll need to be a T.V.P. Elite Member. If you're not a member yet, now is the perfect time to join and become part of a community that not only appreciates high-quality merchandise but also values the sacrifices made by our military men and women. 

When you join by September 15th, you will be automatically entered to win this one of a kind T.V.P. Battlefield Cross.

Elite Package

Elite Perks you only get as a member for $29.99 Monthly:


*REMEMBER THAT THERE ARE NO CANCELLATION FEES EVER! If you don’t like our tees, cancel it. It’s as simple as that!


Final Words

The Battlefield Cross is not just a piece of history; it's a piece of our collective soul. It represents the highest form of Honor we can give to those who've made the ultimate sacrifice. Don't miss your chance to own this iconic symbol and be reminded every day of the price paid for freedom.

Be a part of this sacred tradition. Become a T.V.P. Elite Member today and stand a chance to win a Battlefield Cross Statue. Because remembering our Fallen is not just our mission; it's our duty. At Til Valhalla Project, we do more than sell apparel. Our mission is to honor Fallen Heroes and prevent veteran suicide. All orders fund memorial plaques for bereaved families and raise mental health awareness for veterans.

T.V.P. Elite Membership - Monthly

T.V.P. Elite Membership - Monthly