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Memorial Plaques

How to Apply to Have Your Hero Honored by Til Valhalla Project

Til Valhalla Project (our clothing brand) is dedicated to ensuring that the memories of our Fallen Heroes live on forever, no matter when or how they passed. We Honor our fallen through our unique memorial plaque initiative, that provides beautiful, heartfelt memorials to the families who have lost their military and first responder Heroes. These surprise-delivered memorials serve as a much needed reminder that our Heroes sacrifices are never forgotten no matter how long it’s been.

Our memorial plaques are completely free because they are funded by our products sold, while we appreciate any support, it’s not necessary for you to order anything to have your Hero Honored. If you are considering having one of our unique memorials surprise delivered to a Hero's family, here's what you need to know:

Doorstep PlaqueThings to know when applying 

For the Next of Kin (NOK): The plaques are primarily designed for the immediate families of the Fallen. However, you are encouraged to submit if you're well-acquainted with the deceased. 

Surprise for the Family: Our Mission aims to surprise families with these memorial plaques. Thus, it's recommended that someone outside the immediate family, preferably a friend or colleague, submit to ensure it remains a surprise. 

A Reminder, Not Immediate Consolation: It's essential to understand the deeper purpose of this plaque delivery initiative. While it may seem tempting to have a plaque made immediately after a tragic loss, the real impact comes in reminding families that their loved ones aren't forgotten even years after their passing. We've observed that plaques delivered 3-5 years or even decades after the death have an incredible emotional impact. 

Requirements and Guidelines

Memorial Plaque Captain Liberto Jr.Honoring All Heroes: We Honor all military personnel and first responders, regardless of the circumstances of their passing. It's not about selection; every Hero is worthy of remembrance. 

Information is Key: For the plaque to be accurate and presented in a timely manner, you must provide all relevant details about the Hero. Moreover, you should be available to answer any clarifications if needed. Any information that cannot be verified or if we cannot receive timely communication from the applicant will result in delay or even halting the Heroes memorial. Communication is vital.
The Plaque Making Process

Timeframe: The plaques take over a month to craft and cost more than $350 to produce. Depending on the accuracy of the information and the recency of the Hero's passing, it could take weeks, months, or even years for the plaque to be delivered.

What The Families Get:

- Beautiful Presentation Box (to safely transport your plaque)
- 3 Custom Memorial Bands
- Unique letter from Korey Shaffer, Founder of T.V.P.
- Custom Hand-Crafted Memorial Plaque

Plaque Display

Delivery & Cost

Who Delivers: You have the choice – you can opt to deliver the plaque personally, or you can leave it to us to select a volunteer or even our own team to go and make the delivery special. Most of our deliveries are completed by our customers.

Cost to the Family: The families and their Hero have already paid the ultimate price; they owe nothing more. All plaques are hand-delivered free of charge.

Dilivery of Memorial Plaque

Funding: Til Valhalla Project funds these plaques by selling our clothing and various products. Every purchase contributes to this noble cause.

Til Valhalla Project's mission is more than just delivering plaques; it's about ensuring that the legacies of our Heroes continue to shine brightly in the hearts of those they left behind. If you believe in this cause and want to participate in this heartwarming initiative, gather and submit the necessary information. Let's remind families that their Heroes will never be forgotten.

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