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When a T-Shirt Becomes a Lifeline: How A Simple Tee Can Save a Life

People say, "You can't save everyone," but we can damn well try. - Korey Shaffer, Founder, T.V.P.

The Heartbreaking Reality Behind Suicide Statistics

Each number you read is more than just a statistic. It's a human life—a son, a daughter, a friend, a veteran who has served our country, a first responder who risks their life daily for our safety. Can you imagine feeling so entrapped by your own thoughts that you see no way out? It's a heart-wrenching reality. People who take their own lives aren't trying to end their existence; they're trying to escape unbearable pain. And for nearly 46,000 Americans each year, that "exit plan" becomes their last breath. For 8,000 veterans, the war they can't win is the one within themselves.

Til Valhalla Project: More Than Just Apparel 

Here at Til Valhalla Project, we're not just selling t-shirts. We're handing out lifelines. We provide memorial plaques to families who've lost someone to suicide. Every stitch, every fabric, every design is meticulously crafted to carry a message—a message of hope, a message of sorrow, and most importantly, a message of value.

The 988 Tee: A Simple Way to Save Lives

988 Tee

This tee isn't about you; it's about THEM. It's designed for the first responder overwhelmed by the weight of saving lives, the veteran who doesn't see their own worth, the neighbor who smiles outside but is breaking inside. If this shirt makes even one person think twice—if it leads even one person to dial 988 instead of taking that irreversible step—then every thread of this fabric is worth its weight in gold.

The Invisible Battles We All Fight

You never know the internal wars people around you are fighting. Depression doesn't always manifest as tears; sometimes, it's the laughter that's too loud, the smile that's too forced. We need to realize that even the people who seem the happiest may be the ones contemplating the gravest act. So, ask your friend how they're doing, and listen—truly listen—to what they say back.

Why Suicide Prevention is Everyone’s Job

988 Veteran Crisis

You may think you're not a counselor, not a therapist, or not "qualified" to help someone who's contemplating suicide. But you're human, and sometimes, a simple act of kindness or understanding can tip the scale back to life. Tee shirts are only part of the solution; the rest is you and all of us, reaching out. Checking on those around us—even the ones who seem "fine." Because the only way to change the statistics, to lower the numbers, to save a life, is by acknowledging that it's okay to not be okay.

It's more than just a shirt. It's a statement. It's a beacon of hope for someone lost in their own darkness. And in case no one has told you today: you're invaluable, the world is undoubtedly better with you in it, and it's absolutely okay to ask for help. Order your T.V.P. 988 Tee today and be a lifeline to someone around you!

If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, help is available 24/7 at 988. You don't have to walk this path alone. Let's change these heartbreaking statistics—one life, one shirt, one call at a time.

988 Prevention Hotline - Silicone Bracelet

988 Prevention Hotline - Silicone Bracelet


"Continue ;" - Paracord Bracelet

"Continue ;" - Paracord Bracelet