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Warriors at Both Ends of the Leash: Service Dogs and Veterans Overcoming Together

Warriors at Both Ends of the Leash: Service Dogs and Veterans Overcoming Together

When battling PTSD at my lowest, feeling like every sound was an attack, the reassuring presence of my dog, ever vigilant and protective, was the only thing that kept me calm.-Korey Shaffer, Founder T.V.P.

Battling the Invisible War: The Life-Saving Connection Between Veterans and Service Dogs

Imagine navigating an invisible battlefield daily, where ordinary sights and sounds ignite memories of a brutal past. Veterans dealing with mental and physical war wounds confront these challenges daily. However, they are not alone; a trained four-legged warrior is always there, acting as a constant guardian in this ongoing battle. Service dogs are more than just companions; they are lifelines, helping veterans heal from unseen traumas. The profound impact of this bond is immeasurable and life-changing.

Mike and Coop: A Symbiotic Bond of Unconditional Love

Coop N Mike

Service dog, Coop, and his veteran dad, Mike.

Meet Mike, a proud veteran, and his extraordinary service dog, Coop. Friends and family know Coop affectionately by various nicknames such as Coop-Ditty, Coop, Coop-a-loop, and Doopy Doo. However, it's the bond they share that genuinely stands out.

Mike describes the connection he has with Coop as something truly remarkable. “Coop & I have what I call a symbiotic relationship at its BEST, he takes care of me, & I take care of him,” he explains. It's a bond defined by unconditional love, as solid as it gets, and it's quite possibly the most touching relationship one could witness.

Mike carrying Coop
"Coop & I have what I call a symbiotic relationship at its BEST, he takes care of me, & I take care of him." -Mike, Coops dad

Before Coop came into his life, Mike struggled with feelings of isolation and an inability to function normally. He was close to becoming a heartbreaking statistic, weighed down by intrusive thoughts, nightmares, and emotional pain. But everything changed when Coop entered his life.

Coop's presence provides Mike with comfort, security, and a means to redirect himself away from damaging thoughts. He wakes Mike from his nightmares and has quite literally saved his life. The trust and mutual care they share have given Mike his life back, pulling him from a dark place and enabling him to reengage with the world.

All that Coop expects in return for his life-altering service is food, water, playtime, and affection. But to Mike, Coop is far more than just a pet; he's a friend, a confidant, and a lifeline. Together, they represent a powerful testament to the profound impact that animals can have on human lives, demonstrating an unparalleled level of mutual understanding, support, and love.

Thanks to Coop, Mike was able to emerge from a shell of isolation and uncertainty. With the confidence and experience Coop instilled in him, he took a step he would never have considered before: launching his presence on social media. This platform allowed Mike not only to share his personal journey through addiction and PTSD but also the transformative impact that Coop had on his life. More importantly, Mike has used his story to reach out to other Veterans who find themselves in the place he once was. Through his experiences, he hopes to inspire them, connecting on a personal level to reassure them that despite all they've been through, hope, light, and a fulfilling life are indeed possible in their future. You can find his inspiring content on Instagram and TikTok @Coop_n_mike. 

Support Veterans with Til Valhalla Project's Service Dog Awareness Initiative

Dogs Make Everything Better Tee

At Til Valhalla Project, we don't merely recognize the connection between service dogs and the prevention of veteran suicide; we act upon it, fuelled by a profound understanding that these extraordinary animals are not just pets but life savers both on and off the battlefield. Their impact is immeasurable, reaching deep into the hearts and lives of those who have served our country. It's why we've created our exclusive Service Dog Tee Shirt, inspired by the silent Heroes that stand beside our warriors. Available only for a limited time, this unique tee embodies the sentiment,"Dogs believe we are their Heroes, but in truth, they are ours."

Grab yours today and wear it as a tribute to the remarkable bond between veterans and their loyal companions, a bond that heals, protects, and resonates with our very mission.

Dogs Make Everything Better

Dogs Make Everything Better


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