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10,000+ Hours of Therapy $1,372,549 Donated 3,337 Memorials Delivered
Gear Up & Give Back: The KFG Motivation Bundle

Gear Up & Give Back: The KFG Motivation Bundle

Unleash Your Inner Strength, Honor Our Heroes

Ready to inspire yourself and others while making a tangible difference? Dive into our exclusive Keep F'n Going (KFG) Motivation Bundle. For only $19.95, not only do you get over $40 worth of empowering gear, but you also become a beacon of hope for veterans in need. 

KFG Bundle

Bundle Up with Purpose

Each KFG Motivation Bundle is packed with specially curated items designed to fuel your motivation and show your support for a heartfelt cause. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A versatile unisex KFG Tee, perfect for any setting.
  • A unique, double-sided Dog Tag, exclusively available with this bundle.
  • An embossed KFG Silicone Bracelet to wear your motivation on your sleeve.
  • A durable Mental Health Matters Vinyl Decal to spread awareness wherever you go.



A Mission Rooted in Sacrifice

Til Valhalla Project isn't just about merchandise—it's about memorializing our nation's bravest. Founded in the wake of personal tragedy, our mission, ignited by T.V.P. Founder, Korey Shaffer’s commitment to Honor his Fallen friend, ensures that no Hero is forgotten. Every memorial plaque delivered to families of the Fallen is a surprise tribute, a symbol of remembrance, funded by your purchases.

Impact in Every Item

When you choose the KFG Motivation Bundle, you contribute more than you might realize:

  • Memorials Funded: Part of your purchase goes directly to creating and delivering memorial plaques to the families of Fallen Heroes.
  • Support for Veterans: You're also helping provide essential therapy for Veterans struggling with the invisible wounds of service.
  • To date, Til Valhalla Project has Honorably surprised over 3,000 families with hand-delivered memorial plaques, and thanks to your support, we've donated over $1.3 million to aid Veterans and Honor the Fallen.

KFG Promo

Join the Movement

This is your call to action. With every item in the KFG Motivation Bundle, you carry forward the memory of our Fallen and the fight for the living. Let's stand united in supporting our Heroes and fueling the journey towards healing and remembrance.

Get your hands on the KFG Motivation Bundle and wear it as a pledge of solidarity, knowing that with every product, you're affirming your support for a cause greater than us all. Let's Keep F'n Going, together.

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