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Wearing RED: A Symbol of Support for Our Deployed Troops

Wearing RED: A Symbol of Support for Our Deployed Troops

Deployed But Not Forgotten: Recognizing Our Service Members

In current times, our military personnel are stationed across various dangerous terrains, steadfastly protecting our freedoms and upholding peace. For only $19.95, our RED tee makes a significant impact, supporting our Heroes and reminding us to Remember Everyone Deployed. Wearing RED every Friday is a small yet significant act to show we keep them in our thoughts, acknowledging the risks they endure every day.


Amplify Awareness: The Story Behind Every RED Tee

Each RED tee is a symbol of bravery and dedication. By choosing to wear RED on Fridays, you're actively participating in a nationwide acknowledgment of the valor of our military, especially those in harm's way, still today. We mustn't forget that while we live safely in our homeland, there are those still fighting for us. As of 2023 reports, the United States has more than 168,000 service members deployed to various parts of the world. This tee is a commitment to keep their service visible and Honored, ensuring that their sacrifices are neither invisible nor forgotten.


Your Role in Their Story

By wearing the RED tee from Til Valhalla Project, you are contributing to a movement that extends far beyond a single day of the week. Your purchase of only $19.95 is a pledge to those deployed in perilous regions, a gesture that says "I remember and support you." Step up and get your RED tee now to show your solidarity and help us bring awareness to the ongoing dedication of our deployed troops.

RED and Plaque

A Call to Action for Our Deployed Heroes

At the heart of Til Valhalla Project lies a profound commitment to Honor the sacrifice of our Fallen Heroes. Every purchase from T.V.P. supports our mission to craft and deliver handcrafted memorial plaques to the families of Heroes who have paid the ultimate price. Through these tributes and our dedication to raising awareness about Veteran suicide, we strive to ensure that the legacy of bravery and sacrifice continues to inspire future generations.

Your support enables us to extend care to the families left behind and help struggling Veterans find the hope they need to carry on. Join us in the RED Friday movement. Wear your tee as a salute to our Heroes in dangerous deployments, fostering a culture of recognition and support. 

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Deployed Remembrance Tee

Deployed Remembrance Tee