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Sasquatch Tea, Now Available Through Til Valhalla Project

Sasquatch Tea, Now Available Through Til Valhalla Project

Embark on a Flavorful Journey of Remembrance

Til Valhalla Project is proud to announce the addition of Sasquatch Tea to our family of products, bringing you an exceptional line of teas that weave the essence of Honor and Heroism into your daily rituals. While your wardrobe may be brimming with tributes to our Heroes, the opportunity to indulge in high-quality, natural tea ensures that your support for our nation’s defenders extends into the tranquility of tea time.


Sasquatch Tea

A Palette of Heroic Flavors

Sasquatch Tea, known for its premium selection and commitment to quality, offers something for every tea lover, now available through Til Valhalla Project. Each box contains 20 individual sachets filled with blends inspired by the majesty of America’s landscapes and the spirit of its Heroes:

    More Than a Cup of Tea: A Pledge to Support

    With every purchase of Sasquatch Tea through Til Valhalla Project, you're not just choosing a premium tea experience—you're contributing to a mission that saves lives and Honors our Fallen. A portion of the proceeds from every box sold aids in crafting and delivering memorial plaques to families of Fallen Heroes and supports initiatives aimed at preventing Veteran suicide.


     Sasquatch Tea

    A Call to Brew and Remember

    Choosing Sasquatch Tea from Til Valhalla Project is an invitation to blend the comfort of your tea ritual with the profound impact of supporting our Veterans and their families. Let each sip remind you of the sacrifices made for our freedom and the difference you're making in the lives of those who've served.



    Dive into the world of Sasquatch Tea with Til Valhalla Project, where every cup is a tribute to bravery, sacrifice, and the unyielding spirit of our Heroes. Make your tea time a moment of reflection, gratitude, and support.

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    T.V.P. Blended Teas

    T.V.P. Blended Teas