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Depression Awareness Month

A Reflection on Depression Awareness Month

By Korey Shaffer, Founder of Til Valhalla Project

Shattering Stigmas: A Time to Speak

October brings us into Depression Awareness Month. And with it, a perfect time arises for all of us to pause, think, and understand the urgent need to break the stigma around discussing mental health. If at any moment you feel like you’re in intense emotional pain and anguish, thinking you're facing it all alone, I'm here to tell you: don't hesitate to reach out and seek the help you deserve.

Walking a Path Less UnderstoodOne day at a time

My personal journey with depression began quite early in life. From moments in my youth where I felt disconnected and out of place to times in adulthood clouded by strong self-doubt, it felt like I was constantly traveling on a one way street, seemingly going the wrong way. No one ever reassured me, telling me it wasn't my fault.

The Deep-Rooted Mission of T.V.P.Depression Awareness Month

The mission of Til Valhalla Project was born out of a profound desire to Honor our Fallen Heroes with memorial plaques, ensuring their legacies live on. As the project grew, it evolved to tackle an equally pressing issue: battling against Veteran suicide. Beyond these missions, I want to emphasize a message to all of you: regardless of how dark things may seem at times, remember, "This too shall pass." Considering all the battles you've already fought and won, I wholeheartedly believe in your strength to overcome any obstacle ahead and rise once more.

You're Not Alone in ThisKeep Moving Forward

To anyone who might be struggling, feeling crushed by their own thoughts and emotions, I want you to hear this: you are not alone in your fight. Don't hesitate. Speak up. And always, always prioritize seeking help when you feel it's needed. Here are some valuable resources that might guide you toward a brighter, more hopeful tomorrow: Mental Health Resources.

Keep Moving Forward Out There,

Korey Shaffer,
Founder | Til Valhalla Project,
U.S.M.C Veteran.
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Be Kind


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Be The Reason


Break The Stigma

Break The Stigma