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10,000+ Hours of Therapy $1,357,549 Donated 3,014 Memorials Delivered
From Garage Beginnings to INC. 5000

From Garage Beginnings to INC. 5000

The Spark in the Garage

Imagine, just six short years ago, T.V.P.'s mission was ignited in the simple confines of Korey Shaffer's dad's garage. It was a place of raw emotion, where the very first memorial plaque was lovingly crafted as a tribute to Korey's close friend and fellow Marine, lost to suicide. That plaque, made from genuine heartbreak and commitment, became the symbol of our unwavering promise: no Hero will ever be forgotten.

T.V.P. first shop
T.V.P.'s first shop in a storage unit with Korey Shaffer; his wife, Tiffany; and their first "unoffical" employee, Joe. 

Our Phenomenal Growth

Together, we've built something incredible through the years, we've seen growth that's nothing short of extraordinary:

  • 2017: Our first step outside the garage into a 600 sq. ft. storage unit.
  • 2018: Expanded to a 2,500 sq ft shop, a testament to the faith you had in us.
  • 2019: Upgraded to a 6,500 sq ft shop, where we continued to Honor countless Heroes.
  • 2020: A massive leap to a 25,000 sq ft hub, showcasing our collective dedication and passion.

With your continued support, we're aiming to stretch even further, targeting a 75,000 sq ft space by 2024.

T.V.P. Shop Images
T.V.P.'s shops through the years. We've experienced phenomenal growth since 2016.

INC. 5000 and Our Shared Vision

The INC. 5000 list is an annual ranking published by business magazine Inc. that showcases the fastest-growing private companies in the United States. It's a prestigious list, and seeing T.V.P on it (and notably among the Top 500!) isn't just our victory; it's yours. Every T-shirt bought, every story shared, every tear shed—has all culminated into this monumental achievement. This isn't merely a testament to business growth; it represents the countless lives touched, the Heroes Honored, and the legacies preserved.

Inc 5000

Your Support, Our Mission

Your loyal support has turned a mission born from pain into hope and Honor. It's overwhelming to think of the impact we've made together. Each purchase, every shared post, and all the stories read have funded our cause to ensure families of the Fallen receive their much-deserved memorial plaques. 

To see how you can apply to have a Hero Honored, click here.

T.V.P.'s mission is not only recognizing our Fallen Heroes but also ensuring their stories, their sacrifices, and their legacies carry forward. As we celebrate this milestone, remember it's more than just a number. It's a reflection of the love, Honor, and remembrance that we, as a community, have poured into this mission.

Donation Check
Our first donated check to combat veteran suicide. A monumental moment for T.V.P.

To the Future and Beyond

We've come a long way from that garage in 2016. But remember, the best is still ahead. With your continued support, there's no limit to the heights we can reach or the lives we can touch.

Thank you for being a vital part of our journey. Here's to many more milestones, memories, and moments of Honor together. 

If you'd like to take a look at INC. 5000's list, click here.