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Join the Legacy: The Exclusive Til Valhalla Project Challenge Coin

Join the Legacy: The Exclusive Til Valhalla Project Challenge Coin

Unlock the Power of a Challenge Coin

A Token of History and Honor  

Imagine holding a piece of history, a symbol of Honor and camaraderie, in your palm. The Til Valhalla Project Challenge Coin is more than just a collector's item; it's a passport to a world of tradition and legend. Get your coin now and join a legacy that transcends time and place.

The Story Behind the Coin

WWII Veteran
World War I American Pilot, US Army

From World War Legends to Your Hands  

The challenge coin tradition, rooted in military history, speaks of unity and shared experiences. Our exclusive Challenge Coin embodies this spirit, offering you a chance to be part of a story that began over a century ago. This coin isn't just for veterans; it's for anyone who values the spirit of perseverance and camaraderie. Own a piece of this timeless tradition

The Tradition Lives On

Challenge Coin T. V. P.

A Symbol of Commitment and Community  

Carrying the Til Valhalla Project Challenge Coin means being part of an enduring legacy of Honor and dedication. It's a reminder to KEEP F’N GOING, no matter the odds. Whether you're a veteran, a supporter of our Heroes, or someone who cherishes the values of bravery and resilience, this coin is for you. Secure your coin today.

Beyond the Battlefield: A Token for All

Challenge Coin

Challenge Coins for Everyone  

Challenge coins have evolved to symbolize more than military achievements. They represent perseverance, unity, and recognition across various walks of life. The Til Valhalla Project Challenge Coin is your opportunity to connect with this rich tradition and share it with others. Whether gifting it to inspire or keeping it as a personal motivator, this coin is a beacon of hope and strength. Order yours now before they are gone!

Your Purchase Supports a Noble Cause

Challenge Coin

Embrace the Mission with Every Coin  

By purchasing our Challenge Coin, you're not only owning a piece of history; you're also supporting our mission to Honor Fallen Heroes and combat veteran suicide. Each coin sale contributes to providing memorial plaques to families and supporting veterans in need. Join our cause and make a difference today. 

You now have a chance to connect with this tradition by owning the exclusive Til Valhalla Project Challenge Coin.


T.V.P. Challenge Coin - Est 2017

T.V.P. Challenge Coin - Est 2017