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10,000+ Hours of Therapy $1,372,549 Donated 3,050 Memorials Delivered
22 a day paracord bracelet

The '22 A Day' Paracord Bracelet: A Call to Action Against Veteran Suicide

Uniting for a Critical Cause

Veteran Suicide: A Reality That Demands Attention  

Every day, approximately 22 Veterans take their own lives, a staggering statistic that remains unknown to many. This is not just a number; it represents real lives lost – our brothers and sisters, family, and friends. It's time to spread awareness and take action. With the '22 A Day' Paracord Bracelet, you can join us in this vital mission.

22 a day paracord bracelet

Why Your Support Matters

Honoring the Fallen, Supporting the Struggling  

Til Valhalla Project emerged from the heartache of loss and a commitment to prevent Veteran suicide. Our founder, Korey Shaffer, started this mission driven by the loss of a friend to suicide after serving in Afghanistan. When you purchase the '22 A Day' Paracord Bracelet, you do more than just wear a symbol – you Honor those who have Fallen and actively support those who are struggling. A portion of every sale goes towards creating and delivering free memorial plaques to families of Fallen Heroes and funding essential therapy for Veterans in need.

22 a day paracord bracelet

Your Role in Making a Difference

Join the Movement with the '22 A Day' Bracelet  

The '22 A Day' Paracord Bracelet is impossible to ignore. Each time someone inquires about its meaning, you have the chance to educate them about the challenges Veterans face and how you are contributing to their support. It's more than an accessory; it's a tool for raising massive awareness and making a lasting impact. Get your bracelet and be part of the thousands making a significant difference.

Over $1.3 Million Donated: Funding thousands of hours of therapy for Veterans.

2,500+ Memorial Plaques Delivered:  Honoring the legacy of Fallen Heroes and supporting their families. 

22 a day paracord bracelet

Continuous Impact: Your Pledge to Act

Wearing Dedication on Your Wrist  

By wearing the '22 A Day' Paracord Bracelet, you wear a daily reminder of your commitment to our mission. Each purchase is a pledge to remember, Honor, and prevent Veteran suicide. Wear your dedication and stand with us in this critical fight.

Memorial Plaque and Paracord

Expand Your Support

Beyond the Bracelet  

Looking to support in more ways? Our range of products offers additional opportunities to contribute to our cause. Each item, like the '22 A Day' Paracord Bracelet, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to Honoring and supporting Veterans.

22 a day paracord bracelet

Take Action Now

Stand United in the Fight Against Veteran Suicide  

Your involvement makes a real difference. Purchase your '22 A Day' numbered Paracord Bracelet today and align yourself with a community dedicated to changing lives and Honoring Heroes. Together, we can combat the tragedy of Veteran suicide. Click on the Get it Now box below to purchase your uniquely numbered Paracord Bracelet.

Together, we can save lives.

22 A Day - Paracord Bracelet

22 A Day - Paracord Bracelet