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Honoring the Shield: Recognizing Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Honoring the Shield: Recognizing Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

A Salute to Our Everyday Heroes

Every year on January 9th, we take a moment to stand in solidarity and gratitude for the men and women in blue on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D.). It's a day to acknowledge the courage, commitment, and sacrifices of Law Enforcement Officers across the nation who dedicate their lives to maintaining peace and justice.

The Courage Behind the Badge

Police for LEAD

Each day, Law Enforcement Officers don the uniform and badge, not knowing what challenges they will face, yet steadfast in their commitment to serve and protect. From the quiet acts of community care to the high-stakes moments of crisis response, these individuals embody a level of bravery and dedication that is paramount to the safety and well-being of our communities. Their stories are not just of duty but with personal sacrifices, moments of compassion, and unwavering courage.

Support Is Our Collective Responsibility

Sheriff Image

On Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, Til Valhalla Project extends its deepest respect and support to these guardians of society. We recognize that behind every badge is a person who has made an oath to serve—a commitment that often comes with immense personal sacrifice. In Honoring these brave souls, we are reminded of our mission to support not just our Fallen military Heroes but also those who serve on the home front. In addition, we extend our mission to Honor Fallen Law Enforcement Officers by providing memorial plaques to their grieving families, ensuring their sacrifice is never forgotten and their legacy lives on.

Wear Your Gratitude

Sheriff Plaque
This handcrafted memorial plaque was presented to the family of Deputy Sheriff Peter J. Herrera. Herrera was killed in the line of duty in El Paso, Texas. We are forever grateful for his sacrifice. 

In line with our commitment to Honoring Heroes, Til Valhalla Project offers a collection of tees that pays tribute to the men and women who sacrificially serve our country each and every day. Every purchase expresses your respect for Law Enforcement Officers and aids our mission to deliver memorial plaques to Fallen Heroes' families and support efforts to prevent veteran suicide.

Join us in wearing your support, and let's ensure that the courage and sacrifice of our law enforcement officers are recognized not just on L.E.A.D., but every day.

Visit the Til Valhalla Project to learn more about our mission and how you can support our mission.