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Honoring Heroes: Til Valhalla Project Returns to NASCAR at the Pennzoil 150

Honoring Heroes: Til Valhalla Project Returns to NASCAR at the Pennzoil 150

Discovering someone who is not only passionate but also possesses an aligned moral compass feels like an impossible quest. That’s why I find myself wholeheartedly supporting Sage on an off the track again. From the moment we met during our initial race, it became clear that Sage had the heart to represent our mission and its entirety. - Korey Shaffer, Til Valhalla Project Founder

At Til Valhalla Project, we've always believed that some platforms transcend the norm and can echo the causes we stand for. The Pennzoil 150 at the iconic Brickyard was a clear confirmation of this belief, with Sage Karam championing our message with every rev of his engine.

When Sage began from the 26th spot, it wasn’t just his starting position that captivated many; it was our logo, our heart, Til Valhalla Project, proudly displayed on his car. Each lap he took wasn't merely a move closer to the finish line, but a stride towards reminding America of the sacrifices made by many of our brave Heroes.

Til Valhalla Project: Making an Impact

Team T.V.P. Indy RaceTeam Til Valhalla Project outside their merchandise trailer at the NASCAR Pennzoil 150.

If you're new to our brand, let us introduce ourselves. We aren't just a name or a brand; we're a mission. Our unwavering aim is to ensure that our nation's Heroes are celebrated and remembered. We stand shoulder to shoulder with grieving families, ensuring that the sacrifices of their loved ones never fade into the annals of forgotten history.

Bringing our cause to a platform as renowned as NASCAR and the Brickyard wasn't about spotlight or brand recognition. It was about reaching out to thousands, reminding them of the valor and the undying spirit of our Heroes.

Pennzoil Indy 150 Til Valhalla Sponsored Car#45 Til Valhalla Project sponsored car, driven by Sage Karam at the NASCAR Pennzoil 150 race.

We were deeply moved when meeting veterans and families; their smiles remembered loved ones who served and the heartbreaking tears shed for those who either made the ultimate sacrifice or tragically succumbed to internal battles. It is those moments that we are reminded of why we are dedicated to our mission. We don't just commemorate the Fallen, but also recognize the living. We are devoted to ensuring that no veteran is ever forgotten or left behind.

The Heroes of this country should never be taken for granted – they deserve our love and support.

Karam’s Drive: More Than Just a Race

Indy 150Sage’s determination saw him finish an impressive 15th, despite starting in 26th. Yet, for us, it was never about positions or race strategies. With every move he made, he wasn't just driving a car; he was driving home a message of memory, Honor, and gratitude towards the countless Heroes who've given their all.

While many will recall the race's speed, thrill, and rivalry, we hope some will remember it as a testament to the Heroes we've lost and our endeavor to keep their legacies alive by providing memorial plaques to the families of the Fallen, our first and most important mission.

Beyond the Checkered Flag

Sage Karam Indy 150NASCAR Driver, Sage Karam, beside the #45 Til Valhalla Project sponsored racecar.

Among the fleet of cars flaunting corporate logos, Sage's vehicle bore a message deeper than any brand promise. We, at Til Valhalla Project, are eternally grateful for this association, ensuring that while the engines may quiet down post-race, the stories of our Heroes continue to resonate.

As cars sped past the finish line and the dust settled, it was evident that racing, when fused with a cause, can be more than just sport; it's an important message. Sage Karam's journey, from the 26th to the 15th, echoed our mission loud and clear at the Brickyard that day. It wasn't just about speed and sound; it was a symphony of Honor, respect, and eternal gratitude.