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Raise Your Cup: Introducing the Limited-Run T.V.P. Tankard

Raise Your Cup: Introducing the Limited-Run T.V.P. Tankard

I've always believed that the items we use every day should carry meaning and purpose. That's why I'm thrilled about these limited-run T.V.P. Tankards.- Korey Shaffer, Founder, T.V.P.

Start Your Day with a Salute

Embrace the Meaning in Every Morning

Discover the deeper meaning behind your daily routine with our limited-run T.V.P. Tankards. Each sip from these handcrafted mugs serves as a salute to our Heroes, blending utility with a profound purpose. Get your Tankard now and make every morning a tribute to Honor and bravery. 

Tankard SignedA Masterpiece in Your Hands

Craftsmanship Meets Commitment

Our T.V.P. Tankards are not just mugs but handcrafted works of art. Individually numbered, they symbolize your unique role in our mission. Perfect for reflective moments, these Tankards remind you of the difference you're making. Choose your Tankard and join a community dedicated to remembering our Fallen Heroes.

A Rare Collector's Item

Exclusive Limited Edition Signed Tankards

Secure a piece of history with our limited edition Tankards, personally signed by T.V.P. Founder, Korey Shaffer. Only 400 available, these are collector's items that directly support our mission. Don't miss this chance to own a symbol of your commitment. Order your signed Tankard today!
Signed Tankard
 Korey Shaffer, Founder, T.V.P. signing our limited edition Tankards.

Your Impact in Every Drop

Support with Every Sip

Each T.V.P. Tankard you purchase contributes to Honoring our Fallen Heroes by providing surprise memorial plaques to their families at no cost. Limited in number, these Tankards are unique tokens of your support. Act now to own a part of Til Valhalla Project history and make a meaningful impact. Buy your Tankard now.
Korey Tankard
Korey Shaffer, Founder, T.V.P.

Explore Other Ways to Honor and Support

Looking for more ways to contribute? Browse our range of products that all support our mission of providing memorial plaques for families of the Fallen and combating veteran suicide. From apparel to other memorabilia, each item carries our promise to Honor and remember.

Join the Mission: A Daily Reminder of Heroism

Raise Your Cup in Honor


Embrace the opportunity to start each day with purpose. Get your numbered edition T.V.P. Tankard and join us in our daily mission of remembrance and support. Let's Honor the sacrifices made and keep their legacies alive with each morning's brew.

Get yours now by clicking the Get It Now button below, before they are gone!

T.V.P. Classic Hand-Made Tankard (Limited Time Only)

T.V.P. Classic Hand-Made Tankard (Limited Time Only)