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Magnesium Bath Salt

Find Relief and Support Heroes with T.V.P. Bath Soak

Launching Our New Wellness Line with T.V.P. Bath Soak

We're excited to kick off our new wellness line with something special: the Til Valhalla Project (T.V.P.) Bath Soak. This bath soak is more than just a way to relax. It's a step towards helping our Heroes. And guess what? We're not stopping here. We've got more awesome wellness stuff coming soon that you're going to love.

Need a break after a busy day? Our T.V.P. Bath Soak is perfect for easing sore muscles and calming your mind. But it's not just about taking a good bath. Every time you buy our bath soak, you're also helping Veterans get the support they need and Honoring the memory of our Fallen Heroes. 

Bath Salts

The Healing Power of the Dead Sea in Your Bathtub

Our T.V.P. Bath Soak is crafted with the highest quality Dead Sea mineral salt, renowned for centuries for its therapeutic benefits. These powerful minerals are known to help soothe sore muscles, relieve stress, and promote overall skin health. Coupled with a blend of essential oils, our bath soak is designed to provide a serene bathing experience that not only eases physical discomfort but also calms the mind.

Magnesium Bath Soak

A Subscription that Makes a Difference

  • 16 fl oz/473 ml of pure relaxation
  • Packaged with care in the USA
  • Simple to use: Just pour a pouch into a warm bath and soak for at least 20 minutes
  • Infused with essential oils to rejuvenate your senses


By subscribing to our T.V.P. Bath Soak, you not only save 10% on every order but also ensure you never run out of this essential relaxation aid. More importantly, your subscription helps fund vital therapy for Veterans in need and contributes to Honoring our nation's Fallen Heroes with handcrafted memorial plaques.

Subscribe Now and Save 10%. Experience the transformative power of our bath soak while making a tangible impact on the lives of those who've sacrificed so much.

Bath Soak

Your Bath, Their Benefit

Every bath with T.V.P. Bath Soak is more than self-care—it's a stand to support and honor our Veterans and their families. With each purchase, you contribute to their well-being. Make your bath a meaningful act of support; order now and transform your relaxation into a powerful gesture of gratitude towards our Heroes.  

A Glimpse into the Future of Wellness

Stay tuned for more: Our upcoming wellness line is set to redefine self-care, with the T.V.P. Bath Soak leading the charge. Expect a collection of products designed to nurture your body, soothe your soul, and uphold our mission of remembrance and support.

Click the GET IT NOW box below and rest assured, you're making a difference. 

T.V.P. Magnesium Bath Soak

T.V.P. Magnesium Bath Soak