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If We Send Them, We Must Mend Them - A Promise to Our Veterans

If We Send Them, We Must Mend Them - A Promise to Our Veterans

This collection speaks to the heart of our mission, a world where Veterans are supported and Honored, not just in words, but in action. - Korey Shaffer, Founder, T.V.P.

In the heart of every soldier lies a story. A story of courage, sacrifice, and often, a silent battle fought long after the war has ended. Korey Shaffer, our founder, knows this all too well. Returning from Afghanistan, he found himself grappling with the invisible wounds of war, struggling to adjust to civilian life, and facing rejection from the very society he had served to protect.

His experiences underline a painful truth about our Veterans' journey:

"I remember coming back a different person. The pain, the fear, the sense of alienation didn't end with my service. If we're willing to send our youth to face the unimaginable, we must be equally committed to supporting them upon their return. Our new collection embodies this belief: 'If we send them, we must mend them." 

Mend Them

Unveiling the Mission: Healing Beyond the Battlefield

Today, we are proud to introduce our latest line of products, inspired by Korey's powerful words and our unwavering commitment to Veterans' welfare. This collection - featuring coffee mugs, decals, tees, hoodies, drinking glasses, hats, and steel bracelets - is more than just merchandise. It's a call to action, a reminder of the sacrifices made, and a pledge to provide the support our Veterans rightfully deserve.

Our Collection: A Symbol of Support

  • Coffee Mug: Start your day with a reminder to listen and support our Veterans.
  • Decal: A symbol of solidarity, perfect for your car, laptop, or anywhere you want to show your support. 
  • Tee & Hoodie: Wear your support on your sleeve with our stylish and comfortable apparel. 
  • Drinking Glasses: Raise a glass to our Heroes, Honoring their service with every sip. 
  • Hat: A tip of the hat to those who've served, a simple yet powerful gesture of gratitude. 
  • Silicone Bracelet: Carry a piece of the strength and resilience of our Veterans with you.
Mend Them Collection

A Mission Beyond Merchandise

Every purchase from this collection not only celebrates the spirit of our Veterans but also contributes directly to their support and healing. We're dedicated to funding therapy sessions, creating memorial plaques for Fallen Heroes, and ensuring that Veterans have a community that understands and values them. 

Mend Them and Plaque

Join Us in Making a Difference

We invite you to be part of this critical mission. By choosing from the "If We Send Them, We Must Mend Them" collection, you're not just buying a product; you're making a statement, showing your support, and directly contributing to the well-being of those who've served. Let's stand together to mend the lives of our Veterans, one purchase at a time.

Explore the Collection & Support Our Veterans Today

In sharing this collection and Korey's message, we hope to ignite a conversation about the importance of supporting our Veterans in every way possible. It's a commitment to healing, understanding, and ultimately, a testament to our collective gratitude for their sacrifices. Join us in Honoring their service, not just on National Veterans Day but every day. 

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We Must Mend Them

We Must Mend Them


We Must Mend Them - Hoodie

We Must Mend Them - Hoodie


We Must Mend Them - Glassware

We Must Mend Them - Glassware