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Fuel Your Strength with Purpose: The T.V.P. Shaker Cup

Fuel Your Strength with Purpose: The T.V.P. Shaker Cup

Empower Your Workout, Honor Their Legacy

For many of us, the gym is more than just a place to exercise; it's a sanctuary for mental and physical strength, a ground for reflection, and sometimes, a space for healing. Recognizing the powerful role fitness plays in our lives, Til Valhalla Project introduces the T.V.P. Shaker Cup, designed to inspire your every lift, run, and stretch with the spirit of valor and remembrance.

Shaker Cup

More Than Just a Shaker Cup

The T.V.P. Shaker Cup isn't just another accessory in your gym bag. It's a piece of motivation, carrying the logo that represents our dedication to remembering our Fallen Heroes. Every time you glance at it, let it remind you of their sacrifice, their strength, and the legacy they've left behind. Let each sip fuel not just your body, but also your resolve to live fully, in Honor of those who no longer can.

Shaker Cup

Shaker Cup Features:

  • Premium Plastic Cup with Metal Shaker Ball: Ensures smooth shakes every time.
  • Approx. 24 oz. Capacity: Perfect for all your hydration and nutritional needs.
  • Screw-on Lid: No leaks, no spills, no mess.
  • Flip-cap Drinking Spout: Easy access for drinking on the go.
  • Convenient Carrying Loop: Makes it easy to take with you, wherever your workout leads. 


    Add impact to your wellness routine with this limited-run T.V.P. Shaker Cup! Perfect for pre- and post-workout supplements, protein shakes, drink mixes, and more, you'll be reminded of the difference your support makes each time you use it.

    Shaker Cup Gym

    A Tribute in Every Rep

    With the T.V.P. Shaker Cup by your side, every workout becomes a tribute to the bravery and resilience of our lost warriors. It's a tangible connection to the memories of camaraderie, courage, and commitment that define the military experience. By incorporating this shaker cup into your fitness routine, you're not just pushing for one more rep—you're carrying forward the memory of our Heroes with every move you make.

    Shaker Cup

    Join Us in Making a Difference

    Every purchase of the T.V.P. Shaker Cup directly supports Til Valhalla Project's mission to Honor Fallen Heroes and prevent Veteran suicide. You're not just buying a high-quality fitness accessory—you're contributing to a cause that saves lives, provides memorial plaques to grieving families, and ensures that the legacy of our service members is never forgotten.


    Transform your fitness routine into an act of remembrance and support with the T.V.P. Shaker Cup. Let it serve as a source of inspiration and strength, reminding you of the Heroes who've paved the way for us to live, lift, and persevere. Stand with us as we Honor their memory, one workout at a time.

    T.V.P. Shaker Cup

    T.V.P. Shaker Cup