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A Salute to Service: Celebrating the National Guard's Birthday and Legacy

A Salute to Service: Celebrating the National Guard's Birthday and Legacy

Each December 13th, we celebrate a legacy of valor and dedication with the birthday of the United States National Guard. As the oldest military organization in America, the National Guard stands unique, with a dual mission to serve our community and our country. On this day, we Honor the citizen-soldiers who have selflessly served and sometimes made the ultimate sacrifice.

From Militias to Modern Missions: The Evolution of the National Guard  

National Guard Historical
Paul Schutzer/The Life Picture Collection/Getty Images

The National Guard traces its roots to 1636 when the first militia regiments in North America were organized in Massachusetts. These units were the foundation of the "Minutemen" who fought for independence during the American Revolution. Over the centuries, the role of the National Guard has evolved, transitioning from a colonial militia system to a modern strategic force.

Today, National Guard members are not only key players in domestic emergencies but also serve valiantly overseas, reflecting the Guard’s motto, "Always Ready, Always There."

Stories of the Citizen-Soldier: Bravery Beyond Borders 

National Guard
Photo by Levi Meir Clancy on Unsplash

Til Valhalla Project recognizes the unique sacrifices made by National Guard members. They balance civilian life with military service, often transitioning from work and family to deployment with little notice. We Honor their service by sharing their stories.

Supporting Our National Guard Families: Til Valhalla Project’s Commitment  

National Guard 387th Birthday

At Til Valhalla Project, Honoring the National Guard extends to embracing the families of those who have served and sacrificed. Our handcrafted plaques are a pledge to keep the memory of the Fallen vivid and the support for their families steadfast. As we mark the National Guard's birthday, we renew our vow to all service members and invite you to join in this tribute. Your involvement sustains our mission to Honor and remember. Celebrate their courage with us and learn how you can help at the Til Valhalla Project website.