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Space Force

Celebrating the Stars: Honoring the 4th Birthday of the U.S. Space Force

Photo Credit: United Launch Alliance

A Galactic Leap in Defense

Four years ago today, the United States took a historic leap into the future with the establishment of the U.S. Space Force on December 20, 2019. As the newest branch of the American Armed Forces, it marked a groundbreaking chapter in the annals of military and space exploration history.

The Dawn of the Space Force 

Space Force
Photo Credit: Space Force

Recognizing the critical importance of space in national defense, the Space Force was born to ensure American presence and security in the cosmos. Operating under the Department of the Air Force, akin to the relationship between the Marine Corps and the Navy, the Space Force represents a strategic commitment to protecting U.S. interests and deterring aggression beyond our atmosphere.

Its creation signified a pivotal step in embracing the challenges of space with cutting-edge technology and specialized personnel, securing America's leadership role in the final frontier. The Space Force currently consists of an impressive 14,000 military and civilian Guardians. 

In the spirit of their motto "Semper Supra," meaning "Always Above," the U.S. Space Force embodies a mission of vigilance and protection beyond the bounds of Earth. The Delta emblem, a symbol representing their duties and objectives, also pays homage to a legacy that predates the formal establishment of the Space Force in 2019, reflecting a history rich with endeavor and guardianship in space.

Honoring Service Beyond Boundaries

Space Force rocket
Photo Credit: United Launch Alliance

On this 4th anniversary of the U.S. Space Force, Til Valhalla Project salutes the Guardians who watch over our celestial seas. We invite you to join us in this celebration of innovation and courage. Visit the Til Valhalla Project website to see how we Honor the Heroes who defend not just our land, but the vast expanse of space, and to learn how you can help uphold their legacy.

Together, let's Honor the brave service members of the U.S. Space Force as they ensure America's star-spangled banner waves from the depths of the ocean to the reaches of the galaxy.