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Everything is going to be OK Tee

Everything is Going to Be OK: Til Valhalla’s Commitment this Suicide Awareness Month

Imagine pulling on a T-shirt as effortlessly as you'd breathe, and suddenly, you're not just clothed—you're carrying a lifeline. Sometimes, it’s really that easy. We all face tough days where even the smallest act of kindness can mean the world. Some days, finding the strength to ask for comfort feels impossible. But what if a simple phrase, inked on someone's T-shirt, could turn someone's day around? Isn't that a beautiful thought? That's exactly the mission behind our latest creation: a T-shirt that boldly declares, "Everything is going to be OK."

Stitched With Hope, Worn With Purpose: Our Unwavering Mission

Everything Is Going to be OK Tee

​​At Til Valhalla Project, we're about more than just clothing; we're a beacon of hope and support. While we do offer merchandise, we primarily extend lifelines in the form of lasting tributes. Our memorial plaques are not just tokens; they're heartfelt memorials for families enduring the unimaginable pain of losing a loved one to suicide, as well as for our fallen heroes from the military, police, and first-responder communities. Each fiber, each piece of material, and each design detail is meticulously crafted to impart a deeply meaningful message—one of hope, one of sorrow, and most crucially, one that affirms the intrinsic value of each individual. Because everyone is worthy, and we all deserve a touch of hope in our lives. That is our mission.

The Emotional Rollercoaster We All Ride

It’s okay to admit it, we’ve all been there: feeling like a mountain one moment and less than a grain of sand the next. Some days we’re knocking it out of the park, and others, we’re just hoping the ball doesn’t hit us square in the face. Uncertainty? Yep. Doubt? Sure. It's what makes us human. But it's also what drives us to keep moving, keep striving.

More Than Threads and Ink: A Movement

This new shirt? It's more than apparel. It’s a mission you can wear. A promise you can display. A flicker of hope for someone that might just be walking behind you, wondering if they can make it another day. We believe they can. And we believe this shirt can remind them of that, too.

So, here’s the deal. Wear your armor, in this case, a piece of cloth that stands for so much more. You become an ambassador of hope, a crusader against the silent plague of suicide that steals too many lives. Each shirt ordered helps us continue our mission. Every order goes into crafting the beautiful Memorial plaques and furthering our initiatives in suicide prevention. So you’re not just buying a shirt; you're joining a cause.

Amplify the Message This September

Everything is going to be OK Hoodie

Suicide Awareness Month is here, and what better way to spread a life-affirming message than by strapping it to your chest? Let's make it loud and clear: “Everything is going to be OK.” Your next favorite T-shirt and Hoodie is waiting, and it’s got a message the world needs to hear.

Grab your "Everything is going to be OK" T-shirt and Hoodie to join the movement.
Wear it proud. You're part of something bigger. Something that whispers to every soul out there, "Everything is going to be OK." Let’s make this message echo so loudly it silences the despair.

Ready to join us? Let’s make hope wearable.

Everything Is Going To Be OK

Everything Is Going To Be OK


Everything Is Going To Be OK - Hoodie

Everything Is Going To Be OK - Hoodie