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Climbing the Ranks Across the Globe: T.V.P. is Going International!

Climbing the Ranks Across the Globe: T.V.P. is Going International!

Exciting News: Til Valhalla Project's Global Expansion

We are beyond thrilled to announce that Til Valhalla Project (T.V.P.) is climbing the ranks across the globe! Thanks to our expanding partnership with the Navy Exchange (NEX), our impactful gear will soon be available in even more locations worldwide. From Cuba to Guam, Japan to Bahrain, our Mission to Honor our Fallen Heroes and support our Veterans is going international!

We are also currently available in the Coast Guard Exchange (CGX) and are excited to announce that Til Valhalla Project may soon be available in Marine Corps Exchange (MCX) locations.

NEX Storefront

A Message from Our Founder, Korey Shaffer

Korey Shaffer, our proud U.S.M.C. Veteran and Founder, shared his excitement in a heartfelt letter:

"I can't believe I'm writing this, but Til Valhalla Project will soon be a truly GLOBAL mission thanks to an expanding partnership with the Navy Exchange (NEX)! Thanks to your unwavering support, our impactful gear will be available in more NEX locations in places like Cuba, Guam, Japan, and Bahrain. This partnership will bring the Mission to Honor our Fallen and support our Veterans to brand new places while helping us have an even greater impact!"


Ranked 7 and Climbing

We're also proud to share that T.V.P. is now the 7th best-selling apparel brand in NEX stores, right up there with some pretty big names! Hearing that partnering with us is one of the best decisions NEX has made truly reinforces that good things come when you try to do the right thing. There’s no limit to the impact we can make together!

NEX Storefront

Korey reflects on the journey:

"When I started this mission in my dad's garage, I knew it would have an impact, but I could never have imagined that it would be going international in such a big way less than 8 years later. None of this would be possible without your dedication and support. Every purchase, every shared story, and every word of encouragement has brought us to this milestone."

Thank You for Your Support

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported us. Your dedication has kept T.V.P. gear flying off the NEX shelves and made this expansion possible. Our Mission has always been to bring tribute to all who served and ensure those struggling get the help they deserve. Because of you, that Mission is now spreading around the world!

Korey NEX

Join Us in Making a Difference

Let’s keep moving forward and continue making a difference together! Visit our website to explore our latest gear and support the Mission that Honors our Heroes and supports our Veterans.

Join Us as a Wholesale Partner

Are you interested in bringing Til Valhalla Project’s impactful gear to your store? We invite you to join us as a wholesale partner and help spread our Mission even further. By partnering with us, you'll play a crucial role in Honoring our Fallen Heroes and supporting Veterans in need.

 Let's work together to make a difference!