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Honoring the Brave: National Police Week and Our Commitment to Fallen Heroes

Honoring the Brave: National Police Week and Our Commitment to Fallen Heroes

Remembering the Fallen  

Every year on May 15th, we come together as a nation to observe National Peace Officers Memorial Day, a day of profound reflection and respect. This significant day, along with the entire National Police Week, underscores our gratitude and recognition for the Law Enforcement Officers who have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty. It’s a time to pause, reflect, and Honor those who have given everything to ensure our safety and uphold the peace. Show your support for law enforcement by purchasing our blue and white Distressed Flag Tee, directly aiding families of Fallen Officers and reinforcing our commitment to Honor their service.

Distressed Tee Blue and White

A Legacy of Valor  

National Police Week was established in 1962 when President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation designating May 15th as a day to Honor our peace officers. Since then, it has grown into a week-long observance filled with events and memorials attended by thousands from across the nation, all coming together to pay tribute.

It’s not just about remembering the Fallen; it’s about reaffirming our commitment to those who continue to serve every day. Because of their bravery, we find the strength and inspiration to support these Heroes and their families through our actions and remembrance.

Distressed Flag Tee

Join Us in Support and Remembrance  

At Til Valhalla Project, Honoring our nation’s Heroes is at the core of what we do. This National Police Week, join us in paying homage to these valiant men and women. By visiting our website, you can learn more about how we Honor these Heroes through our mission, from handcrafting memorial plaques to supporting the families left behind, and helping to prevent Veteran Suicide. Many of our Law Enforcement Officers are former service members.

Every purchase, every share, and every word of support contributes to keeping the legacy of our Fallen Officers alive. Let’s stand together to ensure their bravery and sacrifices are never forgotten.

Police Memorial Plaque
Handcrafted with care, these memorial plaques are provided to families of Fallen Police Officers, made possible through the generous support of our community.

Your Role in Their Legacy

This National Police Week, let’s remember why we Honor these brave men and women and reflect on how we can contribute to a legacy of respect and remembrance. Whether you participate in a local event, wear a commemorative badge, or support through Til Valhalla Project, your involvement makes a difference. Join us in our continued efforts to Honor, support, and remember our Fallen Law Enforcement Officers.

Distressed Flag

Distressed Flag


Distressed Flag - Women's

Distressed Flag - Women's