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Memorial Day 2024

Honoring the Ultimate Sacrifice this Memorial Day: The 'Always Remember' Tee

I remember walking up to my first Battle Cross," recalls our founder, Korey Shaffer, USMC. "Seeing the rifle, boots, helmet, and dog tags was a bone-chilling reminder of the ultimate sacrifices made by Heroes.

A Day to Reflect, Not Just a Day Off

Memorial Day is a profound occasion to Honor the sacrifices of those who gave everything for our freedom, far beyond the typical holiday festivities or a day off. At Til Valhalla Project, we understand the weight of this day—marked by reflection and remembrance for the brave men and women who have shaped our nation's history. 

Memorial Day

Limited-Edition Tribute

In response to this reflection, we've crafted the limited-edition Always Remember tee, available only until May 12th. This exclusive design is not just apparel; it's a symbol of tribute to the selflessness and bravery of those who have Fallen.

"Too often, Memorial Day is seen more as a holiday than a reminder of those who fought to defend our freedoms," our founder Korey Shaffer continues. "When I see our flag waving, it's by the last breath of those who died protecting it."

Carry On Their Legacy

Memorial Day

Each purchase of this shirt not only Honors the Fallen but also supports our ongoing mission to deliver memorial plaques to their families and provide mental health support to Veterans.

"For T.V.P., every day is Memorial Day, but on this day, we dedicate ourselves even more deeply to remembering their sacrifice," our founder adds, highlighting the commitment to making every day count in Honor of those who can no longer do so themselves.

Learn More About Our Mission

Always Remember Tee

Join us in true remembrance this Memorial Day by securing your Always Remember tee. Wear it as a declaration of your support and a reminder of the great cost of our freedoms. Together, with every shirt sold, we reinforce our commitment to those who have served and sacrificed.

Your support extends beyond a single day—it's a commitment to ensuring the legacy of our nation's Heroes is forever Honored and remembered. Stand with Til Valhalla Project this Memorial Day and beyond, as we continue to Honor, support, and remember the Fallen every day of the year.