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Four Chaplains Day: A Legacy of Sacrifice and Brotherhood

Four Chaplains Day: A Legacy of Sacrifice and Brotherhood

The Unyielding Spirit of Service

February 3rd is Four Chaplains Day, and it's all about remembering four brave men who, a long time ago, did something incredibly Heroic. They were on a ship that got hit and was sinking, but instead of saving themselves, they gave away their life jackets to save others, showing that no matter who we are, we can do amazing things when we help each other out.
Four Chaplains Day

The Saga of the Immortal Chaplains

It was the year 1943 when the USAT Dorchester was struck by a torpedo in the icy North Atlantic waters. Amidst the chaos and fear, four Army chaplains of different faiths – George L. Fox, Alexander D. Goode, Clark V. Poling, and John P. Washington – stood as beacons of hope. As the ship sank, they offered their life jackets to others, choosing to remain and offer prayers, comfort, and calm until the end. Their interfaith unity and sacrifice became a legendary narrative of Heroic compassion, celebrated on this day.

Four Chaplains Day Rabbi Goode
Rabbi Alexander D. Goode and a view of the Dorchester, which was requisitioned by the army during World War II. The ship was sunk by a German torpedo on Feb. 3, 1943. (Courtesy Mark Auerbach)

A Call to Reflect and Honor

As we Honor Four Chaplains Day, let's pause to reflect on the strength and courage of those who have been cornerstones in the lives of service members, especially in their final moments. Chaplains stand as steadfast pillars of support, not only for service members as they face life's most challenging trials but also for the families who carry on their legacies. Their unity and sacrifice have helped shape the character of our nation. Let their stories inspire us to support those in uniform and their loved ones. To learn more about Honoring these selfless acts and to join our mission in supporting and remembering our Heroes, visit Til Valhalla Project.

Folded Flag

In Gratitude and Solidarity

This Four Chaplains Day, let’s stand together in Honoring the memory of those who have given everything for their comrades and country. Join the Til Valhalla Project community in pledging to uphold their legacy of brotherhood and sacrifice, ensuring that the spirit of the Four Chaplains continues to inspire and guide us forward.

Sgt and Chaplain EdwardsSGT & Chaplain Eugene L. Edwards Jr., 89, U.S. Army, Rochester Fire Protectives, born February 16, 1931, passed away on May 25, 2020. Edwards served for two years with 4th Transportation Battalion in Germany and another six in the Army Reserves. After the military, he had quite a varied career. Edwards was a teacher, Volunteer Firefighter, a Deacon, and when he could no longer serve for the Rochester Fire Protective, he became their Chaplain. He was proud that he had the opportunity to defend his country and to protect his community. Rest easy, Soldier! Til Valhalla, Brother