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Father's Day

Honoring Fatherhood on a Day of Reflection

Celebrating my first Father's Day reminds me of the deep personal reasons behind our mission at Til Valhalla Project, not only to Honor fellow Veterans but also my own father -T.V.P. Founder, Korey reflects.

A Day to Remember and Reflect

Father's Day is a time of celebration and love for many, but it also brings mixed emotions for those who have lost their Heroes or are Heroes themselves missing from their families. At Til Valhalla Project, we recognize the dual nature of this day, especially for those fathers enduring the weight of absence—whether they are grieving for a child who paid the ultimate sacrifice or are the missed fathers who served bravely.

Father's Day tees

A Personal Connection to Father’s Day

This year is particularly meaningful as our founder, Korey Shaffer, observes his first Father's Day with his son. Korey's journey into fatherhood is deeply intertwined with his own experience of loss—having lost his father to cancer, he feels a profound connection to the role of a father and the legacy he wishes to leave. Father's Day Tee

Celebrate with Meaning with Our Special Tees

This Father's Day, Honor the courage and commitment of these remarkable men with our exclusive "Proud Dad", "Dad: Driven and Determined", and "Papa Bear" tees. These shirts are not just gifts; they are a powerful way to express appreciation and acknowledgment of the sacrifices made by military families. Each purchase supports our ongoing mission to provide memorial plaques to Fallen Heroes and offer necessary therapy to Veterans struggling with PTSD and other combat-related stresses.

Father's Day Collection

Support the Cause and Honor a Father

By choosing one of these meaningful tees, you're not only finding a unique gift but also helping to support the families who have given so much for our freedoms. Every tee helps us extend our mission further, providing support and recognition where it's most needed.

These tees are designed for year-round wear, not just for Father's Day, making them a perfect way to continually Honor and remember our Heroes every day. This Father's Day, let's do more than celebrate; let's Honor, remember, and support. Join us in making a difference in the lives of those who have served and sacrificed. Your purchase ensures that every father and every Hero is remembered, today and every occasion.

D.A.D. Driven And Determined

D.A.D. Driven And Determined


Proud Dad Flag

Proud Dad Flag


Don't Mess With Papa Bear

Don't Mess With Papa Bear