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Carried By Our Brave Tee

Carry Their Legacy: The "Carried By Our Brave" Tee

Get our new 'Carried By Our Brave' tee today and pay tribute in style, - Korey Shaffer, T.V.P. Founder.

Honoring the Sacrifice

At Til Valhalla Project, we believe that the sacrifices made by our military should be held in reverence every day, not just during national holidays or special occasions. Our new "Carried By Our Brave" tee is designed not just as a piece of apparel, but as a symbol of respect and remembrance. It serves as a constant reminder that the freedom we enjoy is paid for with their bravery and sacrifice.

The "Carried By Our Brave" tee is available now for only $26.95.

Carried By Our Brave

A Style That Speaks Volumes

By choosing to wear our "Carried By Our Brave" tee, you do more than just show your patriotism; you actively contribute to keeping the memory of our Heroes alive. Each purchase helps us continue our mission to Honor Fallen Heroes by providing handcrafted memorial plaques at no cost the the families left behind and support Veterans struggling with the aftermath of service. This shirt features a bold design that’s perfect for everyday wear, ensuring that the message of respect and remembrance is always close to your heart.

Carried By Our Brave

"We promise to recognize and Honor their sacrifice, always—even when the world tries to make us forget. Our brave are the reason we are the land of the free, and this tee is a tribute to their unyielding strength and the burdens they carry on our behalf." - Korey Shaffer, founder of Til Valhalla Project

Join Our Mission

Don't let their sacrifices be forgotten. Every tee sold fuels our efforts to provide lasting tributes to the families of the Fallen and offer essential support to veterans in need. Wear your "Carried By Our Brave" tee with pride and join us in a commitment to never forget. Click here to get your tee now and stand with us as we Honor the brave souls who have carried the weight of our freedoms on their shoulders.

Carried By Our Brave and Plaque


Each shirt not only makes a statement but also supports a vital cause. Get involved today, wear your support, and help us ensure that the valor and sacrifices of our brave are always remembered.

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Carried By Our Brave

Carried By Our Brave