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Til Valhalla Project's 7th Anniversary: Commemorative Challenge Coin and Memorial Plaque Build

Til Valhalla Project's 7th Anniversary: Commemorative Challenge Coin and Memorial Plaque Build

For the 7th anniversary of T.V.P., I wanted to do something special. I'm making exactly 10,000 individually numbered Challenge Coins to celebrate the day I took the first step to make T.V.P. official.- Korey Shaffer, Founder, T.V.P.

Seven Years of Honoring Heroes

Celebrating Our Milestone with a Special Tribute  

As Til Valhalla Project marks its 7th year of unwavering dedication to our Fallen Heroes, Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders, and Veterans, we reflect on the growth of our mission, the incredible community of supporters, and the profound impact we've made together. In Honor of this milestone, we're excited to launch a unique annual Memorial Plaque Build and unveil our limited edition, individually numbered Challenge Coins, crafted to commemorate the journey we've embarked upon since day one.

Plaque Build 2024
T.V.P.'s annual plaque build to commemorate the start of a mission that has helped thousands of hours of therapy to at-risk Veterans and provide handcrafted plaques at no cost to families of the Fallen.

A Token of Our Journey

The Challenge Coin: A Symbol of Solidarity and Commitment  

Join us in celebrating T.V.P.'s 7th anniversary with our exclusive Challenge Coin, limited to 10,000 pieces, each bearing a unique number. This coin is a testament to the commitment of our community and symbolizes the collective effort to support our one-of-a-kind mission. Get your Challenge Coin and carry with you a piece of T.V.P.'s history and a reminder of the difference you help make every day.

7th Anniversary Coin

Join the Legacy Builders

Be Part of the 10,000 Strong  

By securing one of these special Challenge Coins, you align yourself with a group of 10,000 T.V.P. supporters who are not just part of our history, but are actively shaping our future. If you're among this exclusive group, claim your coin as our way of saying THANK YOU. You're not just holding a coin; you're upholding a legacy.

Challenge Coin

Exclusive Commemoration

A Lasting Impact: Your Exclusive Membership  

Owning this Challenge Coin means you are part of an elite circle of supporters, bonded by a shared vision and a commitment to Honoring those who gave all. This coin is your personal emblem of being part of a movement that supports families of the Fallen and aids Veterans in their time of need.

Handshake coin

Embrace Your Role in Our Mission

Make Your Mark: Secure Your Challenge Coin Today  

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be one of the 10,000 bearers of the T.V.P. 7th anniversary Challenge Coin. Reserve your coin and join the ranks of those who stand with us as guardians of memory and architects of change.

Click the GET IT NOW box below to own a piece of T.V.P. history!

T.V.P. Challenge Coin - 7 Year Anniversary

T.V.P. Challenge Coin - 7 Year Anniversary