T.V.P. Seal Sticker Pack (5)


About Our Mission

Stickers - A fast and cost-effective way to support and show your loyalty to any brand. 

Grab your sticker pack today and you can start repping T.V.P. where ever you go!

- Water-resistant
- Ships fast
- No residue adhesive
- Put them Anywhere!
- Made in the USA
- Supports the mission to honor Fallen Heroes and pay for therapy for veterans.

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Most orders ship within 10 - 14 business days.

Many of our products are made to order, it takes several days for the product to be printed, bagged, tagged, and on it's way. This is how we keep our mission turning so please be patient! 
Every Fallen Hero deserves to be honored.

Our unique mission builds memorials for the families of fallen Heroes, hand-delivers them to their doorsteps across the nation, and is funded by apparel.

Starting with our founder Korey Shaffer losing his best friend to suicide after Afghanistan, our mission to deliver plaques at a complete surprise (funded by impactful apparel) is a unique way to keep our nation's Fallen Heroes from ever being forgotten.

Your order will fund the plaque these families receive, and also helps to pay for struggling veterans to get the therapy they need.