Be Kind - Sticker & Silicone Bundle

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A Sticker you can put just about anywhere!
Width: 5.25"
Height: 5.25"

We all know that we should be kind to one another, but it's hard to remember that when we're constantly being pushed and pulled in every direction.

This tee is the perfect reminder to help you stay positive and focused on what's important. With each kind act, we make the world a little bit better.

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Every fallen Hero deserves to be honored, and every struggling veteran deserves to get the help they need.

Our cause builds memorials for the families of fallen Heroes and hand delivers them to their doorsteps across the nation.

We honor Heroes of all kinds, no matter when or how they passed. Starting with our founder losing his best friend to suicide after Afghanistan, our mission to deliver plaques at a complete surprise (funded by impactful apparel) is a unique way to keep our nation's fallen Heroes from ever being forgotten.

Your order will fund the plaque these families receive, and we will donate 20% of all net profits to pay for struggling veterans to get the therapy they need. 

Hence our saying. 

“Save lives. Honor Heroes.”
✅ LIMITED SUPPLY: This is our first time ever launching an entire collection of new bands, so we only ordered a limited supply. Once they are gone, they might not come back. Don’t Miss Out!
✅ COMFORTABLE: Soft Silicon delivers the key to have all-day comfort and never having to worry about scratching your cars, phones, or even others with a band.
✅ DURABLE: Deeply Embossed Ink enables you to have a very long-lasting design that you can be proud to wear every day.
✅ MAKE AN IMPACT: Your purchase gifts free memorial plaques to the families of fallen Heroes (by surprise). You also help donate 20% to charities that will reduce veteran suicide.
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