AWS2 James Buriak Memorial Band – Hosted by the Buriak Family

Sale Price: $14.95

These beautiful, laser engraved Wristbands are made to order in memory of our Fallen Heroes. Proceeds from the wristbands go towards creating Memorial Plaques for the families of our Fallen Heroes, at no cost to them, be they Military, Law Enforcement, or First Responders.

This memorial wristband is in honor of our Fallen Hero: 

AWS2 James Buriak

Jimmy was an uncommon man. He held qualities that could not be given but rather earned. He was an exemplary dad who loved his son, not only a husband but a soul mate to his wife, a beloved son, and brother. Jimmy was an avid crossfitter who would put your endurance and strength to task. He prided himself on physical fitness and being able to not only protect his family, but others if needed. The best example of his courage, heroism, and ability to live up to the motto “So Others May Live” is when he got his first save at Gun Beach, Guam on 08 February 2020 while off duty and earned the Navy Commendation Medal. Jimmy loved his family and lived every day like it was his last. He held his friends and family close and built memories that will last a lifetime. Jimmy lived by these rules for success: 1. Do the work, don’t be lazy. 2. Stop waiting, it is time. 3. Rely on yourself, the universe doesn’t care. 4. Be practical, success is not a theory. 5. Be productive early. 6. Don’t be a baby, life is hard- get on with it. 7. Don’t hang out with halfwits. 8. Don’t waste energy on things you cannot control 9. Don’t be a people pleaser. 10. Don’t do the same thing over and over and expect things to happen. Jimmy's final flight was on LOOSEFOOT 616 onboard the USS Abraham Lincoln. He served with HSC-8 as a Naval Aircrew Rescue Swimmer.

Til Valhalla Brother, may you live on forever.

No one likes waiting for their orders, and we don't blame you!

Most orders ship within 10 - 14 business days.

After checkout, your order is sent to our veteran ran facility for processing, where it then gets fulfilled and sent on its way to your door!
Every fallen Hero deserves to be honored, and every struggling veteran deserves to get the help they need.

Our cause builds memorials for the families of fallen Heroes and hand delivers them to their doorsteps across the nation.

We honor Heroes of all kinds, no matter when or how they passed. Starting with our founder losing his best friend to suicide after Afghanistan, our mission to deliver plaques at a complete surprise (funded by impactful apparel) is a unique way to keep our nation's fallen Heroes from ever being forgotten.

Your order will fund the plaque these families receive, and we will donate 20% of all net profits to pay for struggling veterans to get the therapy they need. 

Hence our saying. 

“Save lives. Honor Heroes.”

✅ Durable anodized coating ensures that you have a long lasting etch so you can honor the fallen and not have to worry about it fading or chipping.
✅ Laser-etched waterproof design that doesn't rust, and makes it so you never have to take your band off. Wear it to bed, in the shower, to the gym, in the pool, anywhere.
Two Sizes allow for a universal fit for most people; even children can wear one. 
✅ Lightweight aluminum design that is made in the U.S.A. and etched in-house by our Veterans and allows for optimal comfort.
All memorial products are designed, etched, packed and shipped in Florida, by our growing staff of both abled & disabled veterans and the proud patriots of TVP!