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    Who and what is til valhalla project?

    fox news interview

    This interview captured all the key points on what Til Valhalla Project (TVP), is all about. I (Korey Shaffer) founded TVP to recognize and honor the loss of my military brothers, to ensure their memories live on, and their families know we understand and respect their loss.Unfortunately, we cannot physically bring our fallen heroes back. However, we can make sure their memories live forever through our community, with word of mouth, social media, and especially our plaques and other memorial items. 

    From the beginning

    We started out making free plaques, just giving back day in and day out. Soon it became apparent the families truly needed the peace of mind the plaques delivered – the knowledge that their fallen hero would never be forgotten. After I saw the impact we were making in these families lives and these heroes legacies, it became my life’s devotion.

    Our plaques

    Our plaques are durable so they can be passed down for generations to come… so that our fallen heroes will always have their face and service displayed. As long as someone, somewhere, somehow is talking about that hero’s legacy, they will continue to live. After all, no one ever truly dies until the last time someone speaks their name.

    going strong

    Since we decided early on that we did not want to take donations, grants, handouts, or anything of the sort, it became important to make the company work with the people who believe in this mission, or not at all. The revenue from purchases at www.tilvalhallaproject.com and the paid subscriptions are all that keeps this mission running strong.

    thanks to our supporters

    For over a year now, TVP Members and I have been hand crafting and delivering plaques to the families of our fallen and, the mission is growing faster than ever. Thanks to the support of our TVP members and all of the patriots who continue to support us every day, we are going to be able to continue to grow and give back more every day.

    join the family

    We are committed to ensuring that our fallen Heroes are never forgotten, with your help, we will be able to accomplish that more than ever before!