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      51+ Lives Saved $305,762.16 Donated 435+ Plaques Delivered 1000's Families Honored
      Now is your chance to turn heads and make an impact.

      Around 18-22 veterans a day take their own life.
      However, there are MILLIONS of Americans who still have no idea, that our fellow brothers and sisters in arms are committing suicide at an alarming rate. Whether it was a battle buddy, family, or a friend, suicide has impacted many of us, and it's time to reach out and we want your help. 

      So, why is this band so important?

      Honors the fallen and saves the struggling
      What do we mean by that? Well, when you purchase from Til Valhalla Project, we take a portion of the proceeds to make and deliver free memorial plaques to the families of fallen Heroes AND we take an additional 25% and use the proceeds to help get struggling veterans the treatment and the help they deserve. When you buy, you are saving lives and honoring our fallen at the same time.

      Raise massive awareness
      Simply put, these bands are hard to ignore. Every time someone asks you what "22 A Day" means, you will have the honor of educating them about how our veterans struggling and how you are helping them in their time of need.

      Continued impact
      These bands have helped raise over $300,000 towards ending veteran suicide and have helped donate hundreds of memorial plaques to the families of fallen Heroes, across the U.S. With your help and the help from thousands of Veterans and patriots across the nation, we are going to make the next check even bigger!

      This band features:

       Available in two different materials: Our aluminum coating ensures that you have a long lasting etch on a black band that really stands out, while our new stainless steel band is tough as steel and will last forever!
       Custom inner band option that will allow you to really personalize your impact. Here are some ideas for the inner band: Suicide hotline, your personal number, "all wounds are not visible", Name of a Fallen Hero, or your unit. 
       Waterproof design makes it so you never have to take the band off. Wear it to bed, in the shower, to the gym, in the pool, anywhere. The more you wear it the more people will see it, and that's the goal.
       2 Sizes allow for a universal fit for most people. Even children can make an impact.
       Bonus we included an instructional video on how to properly remove and put on your band so that is lasts forever.

      So what are you waiting for? Join the thousands of people who are making a huge impact and are turning head while doing it.
      All products are made here in Jacksonville, Florida, by our growing staff of both able and disabled veterans.

      We want you to LOVE your Til Valhalla Project items!

      They normally ship within 8 - 14 business days from your order. All of our products are created and printed by veterans. After checkout, your order is sent to our warehouse for printing. Thank you for continuting to support our mission to give back to the families of fallen Heroes..  If you're not 100% satisfied within the first 60 days of receiving your product, let us know and we'll make it right.

      Please contact us at support@tilvalhallaproject.com with any questions.