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    Every Purchase Helps Us Deliver Free Memorial Plaques To The Families Of Fallen Heroes.
    Get dad a gift that will put a smile on his face and what better way to do that than with our Proud Father Bundle?
    "Father - The most noble title a man can have. It is more than a role. It signifies a leader, a role model, a teacher, a hero, a friend, and someone who will turn this damn car around."

    6 Reasons you should get this bundle today.

    🗹 A GIFT HE WILL LOVE: We have yet to show this to a father without them getting a great laugh out of it and asking for one for themselves. If your Dad is like other Dad's, he'll want it too!
    🗹 FREE STICKER: For a limited time, we want this shirt to come with a free T.V.P. sticker for you to display proudly.
    🗹 QUALITY MEETS COMFORT: You will get a comfortable, pre-shrunk, and great fitting shirt on every order, so you can represent your heroes all day.
    🗹  KEEP DRINKS COLD OR HOT: Double-walled, vacuum insulated stainless steel tumbler.
    🗹  DITCH THE DECALS: No more cheap peeling decals. Once you have a Til Valhalla Project cup, you won't ever want anything else. Our designs are laser etched and will stand the test of time.
    🗹 MAKE AN IMPACT: From hand delivered memorial plaques, all the way to burial assistance, proceeds from your purchase will give back to the families of our fallen. The last thing the world needs is another company that doesn't give back and we need your help to make it all possible.

    So what are you waiting for?

    All products are printed, packed, and shipped here in Jacksonville, Florida, by our growing staff of both able and disabled veterans.

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