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    You can find the women's 22 A Day Bundle HERE


    These items are some of the best sellers (Sold thousands of each) on Til Valhalla Project and we are basically giving them to you for free. (For first time customers only) 
    This is not only a statement to our struggling veterans but it is also a statement saying that you will not become one of the 22 a day, but rather commit to ending the plague that is hurting our brothers and sisters. 
    What this bundle includes:
    - (1) Men’s “Do Not Give In” shirt
    - (2) Silicone “22 A Day” bands. One Black, and one Silver.
    - (1) Anodized Aluminum "22 A Day" Bracelet
    - (2) “22 A Day” Dog tags on (1) Stainless steel chain
    - (1) "22 A Day" Decal
    Separately, these retail for over $70 but you get it all for $29.95
    The bands and dog tags remind us that there are 18 - 22 veterans who take their lives every day. The shirt is a universal symbol for those who have gave all for us whether it be at home, or overseas.
    These products have helped us donate $25,000 towards ending veteran suicide, gain tens of thousands of happy customers (Veterans, officers, first responders , and patriots of all kinds) AND have helped us donate dozens of free memorial plaques to the families of our nation's fallen Heroes.
    As a veteran owned and operated company, we take honoring Heroes seriously and we hope you do to.
    Reminder: This bundle is in VERY limited supply, so please check to see if your size is still available.
    5 Reasons you should act today...
    🗹 FREE STICKER: For a limited time, we want this bundle to come with a free T.V.P. sticker for you to display proudly.
    🗹 ATTENTION MAGNET: Get ready for many nods of appreciation and handshakes, because this bundle catches the eyes of patriots everywhere.
    🗹 QUALITY MEETS COMFORT: You will get a comfortable, pre-shrunk, and true fitting shirt on every order, so you can represent your heroes all day.
    🗹 LIMITED EDITION: There’s no promise this offer will be here tomorrow, take advantage while you can.
    🗹 MAKE AN IMPACT: From hand delivered memorial plaques, all the way to burial assistance for Heroes, proceeds from your purchase will give back to the families of our fallen. The last thing the world needs is another company that doesn't give back and we need your help to make it all possible.
    Lets give back to those who gave all (and look great doing it.)
    So what are you waiting for?
    All products are printed, packed, and shipped here in Jacksonville, Florida, by our growing staff of both able and disabled veterans.

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