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frequently asked questions

How does it work?

With the T.V.P. Elite membership, you'll receive an exclusive shirt in addition to other perks that are available to Elite members only. As an Elite member you'll have access to free shipping on all future orders (some exclusions apply)!

Each design is printed once a month; after printing, it goes through our bag and tag system, where it gets folded, heat-sealed in a poly-bag, and labeled. Your shirt is then sent to our in-house fulfillment team, where it gets shipped out on or before the 25th of each month.

We have a cut-off day of the 15th of each month for any new sign-ups to receive that month's shirt. Subscriptions that begin after this date are placed into the queue for the following month. This creates a one-month delay (Don't worry, you will still get every shirt you order!). Example: If you sign up on the 16th of the month, your payment reserves a spot for the following month's shirt. 

When will I be charged?

After your initial sign-up, you will be charged the 1st of each month for the membership. If you sign up for the Elite membership on or before the cut-off date (15th of the month), your next order will be charged the following month on the 1st. If you place your order after the cut-off date, you will not be charged until the 1st of the month following the next month.

It sounds complicated, but here's all you need to know...Your shirts are coming on time with payment! The only time there's a delay is when you first sign up; after that, it's payment on the 1st and shipped on or before the 25th!

When do the designs get printed?

The elite membership shirts get printed between the 16th and 20th of each month. Once completed, they move to the bag and tag department, where a matching sticker gets heat-sealed into a polybag with the shirt. 

When does it ship?

The Elite membership will ship on or before the 25th of every month (Excluding Holidays and Weekends), you will receive a shipping confirmation via email as soon as it goes out!

Who makes the design?

Our team of veterans and patriot graphic artists work hard to create exclusive designs for the elite members to ensure you receive a shirt we know you'll love and be proud to wear!

How does this help the families of fallen heroes?

It's no secret that we strive to continuously improve our impact and raise awareness for fallen Heroes across the nation; the Elite membership helps keep that impact growing. The more members we have, the more plaques we can deliver, and the more veteran and active duty suicide we will prevent.

Last year alone, our Elite members helped us deliver more than 800 memorial plaques nationwide to gold star families and those alike. To date, Til Valhalla Project has donated over 1.2 million dollars towards ending veteran suicide. 

Can I change my shirt size?

If the shirt size you selected for your elite membership does not fit as expected, just reach out to our customer service team at or (888) 861-9175 and we will happily update your shirt size!

Monthly vs. Annually?

Monthly: After your initial sign-up date, you will be charged on the 1st of every month, and an order will be automatically generated after the payment has successfully been processed. Don't worry; if you signed up after our cut-off date of the 15th, you would not be charged until the 1st of the month following the next month.

Annual: When you sign-up for the Annual Membership, you will be charged one time for the year. After your initial payment, an order for your Elite membership will be automatically generated every month.

Cancelation policy

We hate to see any of our supporters go but completely understand that you may run into difficult times. Thus, we do not charge any cancelation fees, but you will lose the benefits that come with being an Elite Member, such as FREE shipping and the weekly email Newsletter.

Please keep in mind that we do have the option to skip up to 3 months of your membership. You will maintain your status as an Elite member preserving the benefits that come with being a top-tier supporter.

Please call us prior to next billing date (the 1st of every month) to avoid being charged.

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm EST

(888) 861-9175

“He just knocked...And he’s like, ‘I just took a train ride 24 hours from Florida. I just wanted to give you something to honor your son...’

It was pretty amazing for someone else to call [my son] a hero when we all thought he was already.”

Jane Crevier

Mom of U.S. Army Veteran and 

Memorial Plaque Recipient

The Mission You’ll Support

USMC Veteran Korey Shaffer is the founder of Til Valhalla Project. But before he started T.V.P. he was known as the "free plaque guy."

Korey was struggling to adjust to civilian life after serving in Afghanistan. His unit had a high number of suicides, and in 2016, one of Korey's closest friends from the Marines took his own life. To remember that Fallen Hero and deal with his own demons, Korey made a plaque Honoring his friend. It turned out to be too painful to keep the plaque for himself, so he gifted it to his friend's mom. She was deeply moved by the gesture and posted about it on Facebook. People started commenting and asking for plaques for their Fallen Heroes.

The more plaques Korey made, the more requests he got.

Korey refused to charge families of the Fallen for their plaques and needed a way to fund his new mission. Til Valhalla Project was born. 20% of every order goes toward making plaques and preventing Veteran suicide. Thanks to supporters like you, T.V.P. has made and delivered over 2,000 plaques. Every plaque is crafted by a Veteran and hand-delivered by a Veteran, at no cost to the family.

Each plaque reminds families of the Fallen that no matter how long it has been since they passed, their Hero's legacies will live on forever. We will never forget their Service and Sacrifice.

Your monthly support will help us Honor even more Fallen Heroes and make more significant donations toward getting help for at-risk Veterans.

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