"If we don't do this for the families of Fallen Heroes, then who will?"


Til Valhalla Project (TVP) is a veteran-owned company founded in honor of Fallen Heroes. What started with one free plaque for a fallen brother has turned into a company that sells products in order to help fund mental health support for Veterans. 

Today, TVP is a brand that offers a range of items such as memorial bands, hats, shirts, tumblers, and steel art. Proceeds from the sales go towards creating plaques for the families of Fallen Heroes, and 20% of our net proceeds are donated towards reducing Veteran suicide. 

We have donated over $1.3M and hand-delivered over 3,000 memorial plaques to-date. All these were made possible with the overwhelming support of over 1.5 million loyal customers. And of course, our very own 80 employees (all veterans and patriots) who are extremely passionate about the purpose and mission of TVP.

Til Valhalla—Where Heroes Live on Forever

Originating from Norse mythology, Til Valhalla is abbreviated from 'until Valhalla.' It is said among service members to mean "until we meet again in Valhalla."

No matter who or what you believe in – Until Valhalla is a sign of utmost respect and tells our Fallen that we will see them again one day."

And so we usually say, "Til Valhalla, brother/sister!"

Til Valhalla Project was never planned...

When our founder Korey Schaffer was injured after serving in Afghanistan, his arrival back in the States was a tough transition.

One day he found out one of his fellow Marines, and close friend, had taken his own life.

Korey had a tough time dealing with the event and decided to make a plaque in honor of his friend. He eventually sent the plaque to his fallen comrade's mother who took her appreciation over to Facebook. Her post went viral and the next thing you know, people went asking how they could get a plaque, too.

This gave Korey a sense of mission to start a project in honor of Fallen Heroes. He would make plaques and send them over to the families of fallen veterans.

The problem was, he needed a source of revenue to keep supporting the project. That's when he started selling t-shirts, that people bought like crazy, to fund his plaques... This project was eventually called Til Valhalla Project.

Today, the work and the mission has far outgrown the plaques and the t-shirts.

The accidental project led to a deeper mission to fight the war against veteran suicide by donating 20% of the company's sales for this initiative.

Watch the video below as Korey himself narrates the mission of Til Valhalla Project.

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Our Founder, Korey Schaffer

Korey is a USMC Veteran, mental health advocate, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and aspiring author. He works to give back to all who served, inspire others, and build a better future.

After returning home from Afghanistan and leaving the Marines due to injuries sustained both in training and overseas, and losing over a dozen of his brothers to the war within, he felt he no longer had a purpose. He was self-medicating and suicidal. "If all the Heroes around me were taking their lives, why did I deserve to be here?"

Korey admits he still battles with that thought. But founding T.V.P. and making an impact on the Veteran and Fallen Hero communities (over $1.2 million donated & 2,000+ memorial plaques delivered) showed him his best days were still ahead and gave him a purpose and a sense of value once again.

"So many times I think, 'I shouldn't be here.' But if I can do it, anyone can. That’s why I want to share my story to inspire those who are struggling, help them find their purpose, and break the stigma surrounding mental health!"

Veteran or not, many people believe they have no value. They think the world would be better off without them. Korey wants to show them how he healed his wounds and found his value so they can find theirs, too.

TVP: Making an Impact

OVER 3,000 memorial PLAQUES hand-DELIVERED

$1.3M DONATED To help reduce veteran suicide

4M+ IMPACTFUL PRODUCTS SOLD to 1.5 million loyal customers

Every purchase goes toward helping fight the war on Veteran Suicide and Honoring Fallen Heroes


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